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Corita Art Day @ Tang

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

mary does laugh, 1964

Tomorrow and Friday, the Tang will be celebrating the life of activist, artist, and educator Corita Kent, whose work has been featured in the current Tang exhibition Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent. 

Corita was a Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, teaching at Immaculate Heart College’s Art Department from 1947 to 1968. She worked in printmaking and silkscreening for over three decades, with her art becoming gaining immense popularity in the 1960s and 70s, often directly commenting on the social and political turmoil of the era. Perhaps her most famous work is “Rainbow Swash,” a large-scale design painted on a 140-foot tall storage tank in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Here’s the Skid Propaganda for the event tomorrow:

Corita Art Day brings together a group of experts on Corita’s art and life, including UCLA Hammer Museum Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs Cynthia Burlingham, Corita Art Center director Sasha Carrera, and Los Angeles-based independent curator and critic Michael Duncan. After a day of discussion and exploration of Corita’s work, the event will conclude with an evening of collaborative art-making that takes inspiration from projects Corita, her students, and the IHC Art Department created together.

No reservations are necessary and the event is free and open to the public.

Thursday March 21

  • Gallery tour and Discussion, 12pm
  • Discussion, 5:30pm
  • Party, 7pm

Friday March 22

  • Gallery Q&A, 10am
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Jazzy Brian Blade Fellowship @ Zankel

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

This Friday, jazz drummer and composer Brian Blade’s Fellowship Band will perform at Zankel.

Formed in 1998, Blade’s band features a rotating cast of jazz luminaries, such as Jon Cowherd (piano), Christopher Thomas (bass), Melvin Butler (tenor sax), Myron Walden (alto sax), and Blade himself (drums) He has recorded with musicians ranging from Joni Mitchell, to Herbie Hancock, to Bob Dylan, and he’s arguably one of the finest jazz drummers currently working today. Definitely worth checking out.

Tickets are free for Skidmore students and  children, $8 for adults, and $5 for seniors and members of the Skidmore community.

Friday March 22, 8pm @ Zankel

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Lecture: European Fetishism and African Culture

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Dr. Elizabeth Perez

Tonight, Dr. Elizabeth Perez will deliver a lecture titled “Inventing the Fetish: Voodoo, Religion, and the European Thing for African Objects.” Kinky!

Perez is a professor at Dartmouth College, with her scholarship focusing on Afro-Diasporic religions. Here’s the Skid Propaganda on the event:

Her presentation will show how the European “thing” (as in “inexplicably strong feeling”) for African objects winds up creating the fetish as a conceptual category (and constructs “fetishism” as a characteristic practice of Africans). This act of classification then informs the construction of Caribbean “voodoo” as the opposite of (modern, Western) “religion,” a tendency that continues today in current representations of African-based traditions

On second thought, it doesn’t sound that kinky, but anybody with an interest in anthropology, art history, religion, and cultural appropriation should probably check out this event.

Wednesday March 20, 8pm @ Emerson

Lecture: Secret Sharing Among Mathematicians

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

If you like riddles and math, you might want to check out this thing in Harder (a building I have entered a grand total of three times) tomorrow night. Dr. Jennifer Taback of Bowdoin College will deliver a lecture titled “Secret Sharing Among Mathematicians.”

Here’s the Skid Prop:

Suppose you manage the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and hold the combination to a safe containing millions, billions or perhaps even trillions of dollars (who really knows, after all!). You have n people working under you, and on any given day, k of them are at work. You can’t trust any with the entire combination to the safe, but require that any set of k of these people are able to open the safe together. How can this be done? Mathematics comes to the rescue, and I will discuss two solutions to the “Bank Teller Problem.” One solution is classical, and very adaptable to other situations. The other is less so, but very, very clever.

Sounds like a cool talk in the vein of Will Shortz playing games with us, BUT I DON’T DO MATH ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

Thursday March 7, 6pm @ Harder 203

Artist Sergei Isupov to Deliver Raab Lecture

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Isupov’s “A wistful young woman”

Tomorrow, Ukrainian artist Sergei Isupov will deliver the annual Raab Visiting Artist Lecture in the Tang.

Isupov, a Surrealist primarily working in ceramic sculpture, left the Soviet Union in 1983 in the years before the cultural and artistic agitation of Gorbachev’s perestroika. Here’s the Skid Prop on the event:

Often called an erotic Surrealist for his daring representations of sexuality, relationships, and human encounter, Isupov takes narrative subject matter and merges it with ceramic sculptural form. Drawing on personal experience and human observation, he creates works that integrate autobiography with universal narrative. The Ukraine native combines a bold color palette, heavily tattooed faces, and textured surfaces, all of which relate his works to the aesthetics of traditional Russian art, as well as to contemporary styles of illustration.


Tuesday March 5, 6pm @ Tang

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Spoken Word Performance @ Tang

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


On Friday, the Tang will host “Slam: A Night of Spoken Word and Music,” featuring poet Buddy Wakefield and hip hop group The Universe Project, along with performances by students Kali Block-Steele ’13, Seth Johnstone ’14, and Luke Conley ’14.

Here’s the Prop on it:

Buddy Wakefield is an internationally acclaimed spoken word artist. He is a two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion featured on NPR, the BBC, HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and most recently TEDtalks. He has performed at hundreds of venues and currently tours full time. Wakefield is known for delivering raw, rounded, high vibration performances of humor and heart.
 If you put Atmosphere, Radiohead, and Shlohmo in a blender, you might get something that sounds like The Universe Project. Or was it Childish Gambino, Bon Iver and Flying Lotus? The production of Brooklyn-based trio ranges from trap to folk, topped with laid back raps and beautiful harmonies.

Last year, the Tang hosted a similar event and the turnout was reportedly pretty sick, so check it out.

Friday March 1, 7:30pm @ Tang

Folk Music and Jewish American Identity

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Jews and folk music go together like Purim and hamantashen. Robert Zimmerman! “Tzena Tzena Tzena!” Theodore Bikel! Mitch Cohen! Et cetera, et cetera.

That’s why this Friday, lovers of Jews and folk music alike would do well to check out “No Further Instructions” in Zankel. The event is a multimedia exploration of Jewish American identity, featuring songwriter Howard Fishman and New York Times travel journalist and author Michael Benanav.

Here’s the Skidmore Propaganda:

“No Further Instructions” features the music of critically-acclaimed
Brooklyn songwriter Howard Fishman leading an eleven piece folk-indie-punk
orchestra comprised of some of NYC’s hottest players along with New York
Times travel journalist and author Michael Benanav. Seeking to unravel the
complexities of the American Jewish identity, “No Further Instructions” is
a multimedia song cycle about the true life adventures of two childhood
friends who disappeared down the rabbit hole of far-flung Eastern Europe,
and the crazy and beautiful experiences they had there. The project combines
original music, historical memoir, storytelling, and compelling photography
to essay their exploits together.

“No Further Instructions” is a Jacob Perlow Event. Tickets are free for students and children, $5 for seniors and the Skidmore community, and $8 for general admission.

Friday March 1, 8pm @ Zankel

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Skidmore Theater Presents: Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013


Beginning this Friday, the Skidmore Theater Department will present its Spring black box presentation, an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, “a journey of self-discovery as Orlando lives as a duke, a duchess, a lover, an ambassador, a wife, and a poet. This play lovingly asks us to embrace who we are at any moment, and challenges us to imagine who we may become next.”  The play is adapted by Sarah Ruhl and directed by seniors Jeremy Ohringer and Kathryn Rickman, with set and costume design by Julia Bilbao and Nicole Dancel (also seniors).

Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $12 for general admission. For reservations, call (518) 580-5439 or email

Friday March 1, 8pm
Saturday March 2, 2pm
Saturday March 2, 8pm
Sunday March 3, 2pm
Monday March 4, 8pm
Tuesday March 5, 8pm
Wednesday March 6, 8pm

Oscar-Nominated Shorts @ Film Forum

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I watch the Academy Awards every year. For hours, I sit through all the self-congratulatory bullshit and excruciating banter and Revlon ads and unfunny jokes, just so I can yell at the TV when The Artist (arguably the most overrated movie ever made) sweeps the big categories, while Moneyball and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy get royally shafted. I fucking hate the Oscars and everything they stand for, but I also kind of love them.

If you feel the same way, then you might want to check out the Film Forum this weekend. Do you like live-action short films? Do you like animated short films? Do you like short documentaries? Well, they’re going to be showing all short subject nominees on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Here’s the full schedule.

You can watch one of the animated nominees above. It’s a charming and wonderful Simpsons short called  The Longest Daycare and it should be reason enough to consider buying a ticket to this thing.

Animated Shorts: Thursday February 21, 7:30pm
Live-Action Shorts: Friday February 22, 7:30pm
Documentary Shorts: Sunday February 24, 3pm
@ Film Forum

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Lecture: Parthenon and Pericles

Monday, February 18th, 2013

My Big Fat Greek Temple

Tomorrow, Jenifer Neils, Professor of Art History and Classics at Case Western University, will deliver the annual Classical World lecture, titled “The Parthenon Sculptures and the Policies of Pericles.” The lecture will investigate “the new elements in the Athenian Parthenon’s sculptural program and how they might relate to some of the legislation passed under the leadership of Pericles.” She will also approach the art history of the Parthenon from a gender studies perspective, which means she just watched the Nia Vardalos sleeper hit My Life in Ruins

Tuesday February 19, 5:30pm @ Davis