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Haha It’s in the 50’s Already

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Ba de ya, say do you remember:

Sooner than later, Troy Savings Bank Music Hall will be hosting peeps like Bruce Hornsby (of Tupac fame), Chick Corea and Ira Glass. The Upstate Concert Hall a.k.a. Northern Lights in Clifton Park has fun stuff lined up too, like Minus the Bear, Gwar and Silversun Pickups. Also, there’s a UFO in Troy called EMPAC that hosts alien musicians, get the full lineup here (a 1000 thanks, Nippertown!)

Speaking of Ira Glass: fans of TAL will recognize the name Mike Birbiglia as the radio storyteller comedian who is thankfully more awkward than you are, so it’s okay to laugh at him. His new movie, “Sleepwalk With Me”, is playing in Albany this weekend at Spectrum 8 Theaters. Not as cool as Episode 1 in 3D, but way more Williamsburg.

An Irish fest in Ballston Spa this weekend? Hella yeah. Go be fake Irish and drink Guinness and listen to somebody who studied screenwriting in Dublin tell you that Guinness in Ireland is better. Definitely see Enter the Haggis, they played the Spa last year for 12 people and it was an amazing show except for the fact that it was in the Spa and therefore people thought it was gonna be weird and so in typical Late Night self-fulfilling prophetic fashion, it was weird. But póg mo thóin! Those blokes were good.

In other news: the once legendary Crush 105.7 FM is now PopCrush, meaning that it’s both “that 90’s channel” and “that top 40 channel”. Good or bad? Too soon to tell, but shit, I’ll still pregame to it.

Alright, now learn to occasionally trawl local blogs for yourselves so I can go to bed on time.

Crush 105.7 – The Poor Man’s WSPN

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Now I rarely turn my radio dial (yes I have a radio) from our beloved WSPN 91.1 FM…. Our homegrown DJs put together a fantastic bunch of programming, and I still get giddy when I recognize my friends through their ultra-clever DJ names. In fact, this past weekend, I had an amazing evening with three fingers of scotch, unshelled peanuts and gorgeous fiddle music  – thanks, Leland!

But when that WSPN DJ spins one too many Drake songs in a row and you need a change of pace, you gotta try Crush 105.7 FM, the greatest radio station since your favorite top 40 station from 1994 stopped playing 3LW, Will Smith and Smash Mouth. Honestly, the last time I heard Vertical Horizon on the radio, my friend’s mom was driving us home from seeing ‘Shrek’ at the theater. But that’s not all: these pop gems are interspersed with obscure but killin R&B hits that can make you feel sexy in sweatpants.

I will say this, and it counts as a warning: nostalgia is one of those things that you can overdo, so indulge sparingly.