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Lecture: Global Food Security

Monday, November 12th, 2012

What you get when you google “global food security”

Tonight, lecturer Susan Bragdon will deliver a talk on global food security, titled “Who Owns What You Eat: Why the Use and Control of Biological Diversity Matters to Global Food Security.” That’s quite a mouthful (NO PUN INTENDED).

Bragdon is an expert on international law, agriculture, conservation, biotechnology, and other things that ES majors like talking about. As a consultant and patent attorney, she specializes in international sustainability initiatives and “plant genetic resources law.”

Last April, Bragdon was appointed executive director of Seeds for All, a non-profit fighting for “inclusive intellectual property rights and policy development in the area of agricultural innovation to strengthen food security and alleviate poverty.” Adjectives!

Monday November 12, 7pm @ Emerson

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Lecture: “The Policy Environment”

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Jamie Rappaport Clark

Tomorrow, Jamie Rappaport Clark will speak on “The Policy Environment: A Presentation and Discussion about Science, Policy, Wildlife Conservation and Career Opportunities,” as part of the Carr Distinguished Interdisciplinary Lecture Series. Impressive titles all around!

Rappaport Clark is the current President and CEO of Defendesr of Wildlife, and previously served as the Director of the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Under her leadership,┬áthe Fish and Wildlife Service “secured the passage of the landmark National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997, the most sweeping reform legislation for refuges in 30 years, which established wildlife conservation as the primary purpose of all wildlife refuges.”

Thursday October 11, 7:30pm @ Gannett

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