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Los Elk to Play 2014 CBGB Festival

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Why, yes: that IS an anarchy symbol painted on a train.

Skidmore’s very own indie-pop professors and Fun Day regulars Los Elk have been announced as part of the lineup for the 3rd annual CBGB Music & Film Festival. If you read the acronym “CBGB” and only think of the t-shirts worn by that one kid in high school who had “KURT COBAIN’S #1 FAN” as his name on Myspace, then read this and learn something about a huge part of American music history.

The CBGB festival made its debut in 2012, with headliners like Cloud Nothings, War on Drugs, and The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, and featured more than 300 bands in the lineup—in addition to screenings of more than two dozen rock ‘n’ roll related films. The following year marked a couple changes in the festival: it was moved from July to October, it expanded from three days to five days, and it increased its lineup to about 500 bands.

This year, running from October 8-12, will be more of the same, with one major change: the producers have made substantial cuts to the lineup, limiting the total to a mere 50 bands. Allan Kozinn of reports that “The organizers, saying that they wanted to focus on quality rather than quantity this year, have scaled back the number of bands and solo performers to about 50.” Granted, the economy is also still in shambles, so that might have something to do with it as well.

Still, the fact that our very own Los Elk made the cut with the 90% decrease (shout out to is fucking huge, and we/they should be super stoked and proud. They’ll be joining an eclectic lineup of performers, from Jane’s Addiction to We Are Scientists to Macy Gray (of Spiderman fame).

Seeing all the other band photos made me realize that these boys really need to step up their game in this department.

Alright, boys, if you’re going to be landing gigs at sweet festival, you really oughta step up your band photo game.

Los Elk will be performing at Pianos on Saturday, October,11 at 10:00pm, right before Skidmore’s newest pals, The Rooks. If you’re interested in attending the show, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a couple friends to head down to the city with and throw up your antlers to support our boys.

Okay, that last sentence felt really stupid to type. Besides, who are you kidding: you’re seeing Chance the Fucking Rapper on Saturday. Either way, congratulations to the band for landing a sweet gig. Yet another thing to reinforce that they’ve certainly come a long way from covering that one song by The Killers from Guitar Hero 3.

Oldest Piano Ever at Skidmore

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

"I'm the biggest boss that you've seen thus far."

This Sunday afternoon a restored Conrad Graf fortepiano will be making an appearance at Zankel.  The event begins at 2pm with a talk by piano builder and all around expert, Edward Swenson. Undoubtedly his talk will center on how badass Conrad Graf was.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that he was the Stradivari of piano building.  I mean Beethoven and Chopin used his pianos.  Personally, I prefer Chopin (go listen to his nocturnes) but Beethoven is pretty good too.

At 3pm Kristian Bezuidenhout will preform Mozart’s Sonata in F major, K. 332 and Sonata in B flat major, K. 333 on the nearly 200 year-old piano.  I can’t even believe how boss this is.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for senior citizens and $3 for the Skidmore community.
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