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Skidmore Unplugged

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Frank's room gets so loud at night...

Frank and I live in an old house. It costs us over $200 a month the heat the thing, which is ridiculous because our rooms are still freezing, and that sucks. So to all of you kids living in dorms or in Scribner where the heat is permanently blasting and you have your windows cracked to the sub-zero weather outside, remember: it could be worse.

While yall can’t do shit about your dorm thermostats, you can control your electricity use and save the College money, and by extension save yourself some money in tuition. Here’s the blurb about this year’s new and improved Skidmore Unplugged (Frank always gets excited for ‘doin it in the dark’):

Skidmore Unplugged is an annual competition between all the Skidmore Residence Halls to see which building can reduce their energy consumption the most, but this year there is an added twist.  Skidmore will be competing against four other schools – Hobart and William Smith, St. Lawrence, Colgate, and Hamilton, to determine who can reduce their total energy from all of those buildings by the largest percentage  [emphasis added]. Skidmore Unplugged will be beginning on Monday the 13th (Look for our “Do It In the Dark” Theme For valentines day) and ending March 5th.
Daily updates about how each dorm building is doing and how Skidmore is doing against the other schools will be available online at this website: and in each dorm daily. Reducing energy will allow Skidmore to spend more money on things YOU want, reduce our climate footprint, and let’s face it – there’s tons of stuff you can do in the dark!  Look for the sustainability-reps and peer health educators in the dining hall atrium in the weeks of the competition for updates and free goodies.  Last year the winning dorm reduced energy consumption by 4%, can we beat that this year?
Just saying, I like doing it in the dark, too. Email me at