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SEC Presents: Diane Coffee & Los Elk

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
Woah, right?

Woah, right?

So there once was this band named Foxygen. It was the creative brainchild of two California teenagers, Jonathan Rado and Sam France, who played guitar and sang songs, respectively. Then their friend Shaun Fleming came along to play drums with them. They made some music together, released some EPs, got signed to Jagjaguawar Records and started releasing albums. Some people like their music a lot and some people hate their music a lot.

Anyway, Foxygen’s drummer, Shaun Fleming, who’s possibly (lolz) best known for his voice over work in Kim Possible and Lilo & Stitch started his own band, Diane Coffee. Wait, what? Shaun Fleming was in Kim Possible? What the fuck? No Possible Way! Yes, Shaun Fleming was the voice behind Kim’s kid brothers Jim and Tim Possible. How fucking awesome is that? Why doesn’t the poster say “Shaun Fleming of Kim Possible?” Who knows? Either way, Fleming is a part of Diane Coffee, an “experimental, 60s inspired, garage rock” band that is headlining Falstaff’s this Saturday.

Heres’s a song by Diane Coffee:

Diane Coffee “Green” from Western Vinyl on Vimeo.

Also, after doing some investigative journalism (cough, Twitter trolling, cough), I learned that Diane Coffee drinks strictly french pressed, black coffee.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.55.06 PM

Skidmore’s endlessly-lovable dance-rock quartet Los Elk will be opening the show.

It’s sure to be another one of those sweaty, cramped nights at Falstaff’s–don’t miss it!

Some Things About Coffee/Dining Services

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Do you like coffee? Do you like reading about coffee? Cool, The Skidmore News has an article about on-campus coffee politics. I learned that we drink around 23,000 cups a year and that McCullagh Coffee (potential Green Mountain competitor) is “Free Trade certified.” This is good to know, because I often worry whether or not my coffee is produced according to the tenets of laissez-faire economics. FUCK FAIR TRADE!

But I digress. The article is also a pretty decent roundup of Dining Services’ plans for the semester:

  • The notoriously shitty Lucy’s Cafe has been made less shitty. No more K-Cups and a greater variety of snacks, including sandwiches and fruit. Also, the hours have been improved to better suit studying habits, though it looks like you’ll need a timetable to actually figure them out.
  • Free samples at Spa from 11:30am to 1:00pm. The other day, I tried a sample of the “Zesty Avocato [sic] Ranch Panini” and it was so goddamn good, I ended up getting one for lunch. Marketing ploys totally work!
  • All retail outlets will feature a napkin suggestion board. This is a fabulous chance to be a complete dick and demand things.

And finally…

  • “Any coffee purchased in a reusable mug, regardless of the size, will be charged as if it were a small coffee.” That’s right, you could conceivably bring one of those giant Gatorade coolers to Burgess, and they’d have to fill it for you. I am both exhilarated and horrified by this prospect.

So yeah, big things happening at Dining Services this year. Try not to get blown away.