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Eliza Dunaway ’11 Uses Her Degree To Create Vaginal Trackpads (NSFW)

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

If you’re like me, always struggling to find the perfect Valentines Day gift, then you’re in luck. Search no more, because Eliza Dunaway, class of 2011, has created the perfect present for your significant other, friends, and family. The gift of a lifetime: a Vagina trackpad decal!

Dunaway’s product, the DoubleClit, has taken CTM to the next level. The DoubleClit is a removable sticker decal for your Apple Computer. The decal, which comes in two different styles: “Kiki” and “Vanessa” (although “Hairy” and ”Less Hairy” are more suitable names), bears a very intricate image of the enigmatic female vuvla. The DoubleClit is meticulous, it’s detailed, and it’s shocking. Although, some may find this item unpleasant, it’s actually an empowering novelty that promotes natural vaginal beauty.

According to Dunaway, “Women are taught to be ashamed of their lady parts,” but her DoubleClit intends to debunk the myth that vaginas are offensive and just plain gross—because they’re not. The DoubleClit is a statement of rebellion against mainstream America’s portrayal of female beauty. Dunaway went on to profess her mission in an email to Skidmore Unofficial, claiming, “We are bombarded with images of women with hairless, “perfect,” porn-star bodies and with stories about vagina bleaching, waxing, vajazzling and the rise of labiaplasty surgeries. The DoubleClit seeks to change that message. This product recognizes that the vagina is an important, beautiful body part that is as normal as, well, a computer mouse. Also, it’s hilarious to watch someone use a trackpad when there’s a vulva involved.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not as liberal as your average Skidmore grad and thus, the DoubleClit has been banned from every crowdfunding site imaginable.

So here’s a shameless plug to check out her webpage and buy your loved ones the gift they didn’t know they were dreaming of. My only question: is she hiring models?