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Weekend Distractions CXXXX

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


5:00pm – Unity Gathering @ Zankel
5:30pm – Juried Skidmore Student Exhibition Opening @ Schick Gallery
6:30pm – WSPN Big Meeting @ Gannett
7:00pm – Gala Concerto Concert @ Zankel
7:00pm – Exploring Museum Careers @ Tang
7:00pm – The New McKrells @ The Parting Glass
8:00pm – Open Mic Night @ Falstaffs
9:00pm – Trivia Night @ Spa


2:30pm – Grand Opening of Beekman Bar + Eatery @ 62 Beekman
4:30pm – Skidmore Outing Club Big Meeting @ Davis
7:00pm – Men’s Ice Hockey: Skidmore vs Castleton @ ICE Weibel Ave Ice Rink
9:00pm – This is Spinal Tap Party feat. William Hale w/ Eternal Crimes @ Ye Olde Wishin’ Shoppe [Ballston Spa]
10:30pm Mahadhi Walker @ Putnam Den

11:00am – CHOWDERFEST @ Broadway
10:00pm – 100 Days Dance [what you don’t know won’t hurt you]

6:30 – Super Bowl LI

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The Sonneteers Reunion Jam (1/30)

Friday, January 30th, 2015

The Sonneteers, circa 1953, performing their rendition of Lorde’s smash hit “Royals.”

If you’re a student enrolled at Skidmore College, you’ve likely heard or seen the Sonneteers say something about being the oldest club on campus, and the time has come for them to make good on that claim!

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm, the Sonneteers will be holding a reunion jam in Zankel. That’s right! After filled yourself to the brim with warm chowder from Chowderfest (and had a sufficiently irresponsible number of $1 sake shots from Izumi), hightail it back to campus and catch the most euphonious reunion in the tri-state area. I’d imagine the odds of members from the club’s 1947 inception being there are pretty slim, since they’re unlikely to be in any state to travel or sing. Or be alive, for that matter. But still.

Just picture it: people who have never met each other will be making music with their voices, all under the unifying force that is membership in this singing group! Skidmore clubs really do bring people together and create bonds that transcend space and time, people. That shit’s so beautiful and cross-generational I just want to cry–and I’m pretty sure I gave up my ability to feel things the second I agreed to write for this website!

Besides, some of these ladies will be traveling from great distances (great distances being NYC, I’m assuming), so be sure and stop by and give them a warm reception back to their alma mater!

Also, the jam will run from 2:00 to 3:00, so if “Experience an a capella show sober” is on your bucket list, now’s your chance to scratch it off and reassess your life goals while you’re at it. But who says you have to experience it sober? Drink on a Saturday afternoon! I’m not your mother! I’ll buy alcohol for you if you’re a minor! Fuck, I’ll pre-game this with you! Please! Tweet at  me! I’m a lonely and jaded piece of shit! I need this!


Thursday, January 30th, 2014
Photo: Saratoga

Photo: Saratoga

Do you like Chowder? No, alright leave town. Yes, you’re from Boston (Well, not Boston, but like Wellesley or Newton, so you’re basically in Boston like all the time.) and you have a deep, emotional connection to New England Clam Chowder? Then Saturday is your day, the day that downtown Saratoga Springs transforms from a quaint and cute, cultured Northeast hotspot to a hearty, congested, and probably gassy convergence of Chowder-craving mouths. It’s Chowderfest, the annual Saratoga Springs food-fest when restaurants around town compete with the most innovative and delicious renditions of chowder to claim the crown of Best on Broadway.

The way it works is at 11am restaurants open. You pick up a ballot at any restaurant participating in the event. The ballot is for taking notes and voting for your favorite chowder offering of the day. Each restaurant involved will be selling small sample bowls of chowder for $1. The trick is to scout the lines because they’ll be long and it will be cold and possibly rainy. Pick some favorites, keep track of their availability, and take advantage of the thin margins you might have to swoop in and grab chow.

Crowd favorites will probably be Druther’s (of course), Esperanto’s (serving chicken/Doughboy Chowder and a vegan, gluten-free Harvest Chowder), The Farmers Market (serving spicy sausage, sweet potato, kale, gluten-free chowder), Hatties, Dango’s, and a slew of others. The full list is available at Past winners include Cantina (Best on Broadway, 2010-2012), The Seven Horse Pub (Best Off Broadway, 2010-2013), Druther’s (Best Newcomer, 2013), and The Parting Glass (Peoples Choice Winner, 2009-2011). In the past there’s been oddball bowls like buffalo wing chowder from Dango’s, garnished with a wing, and chowder pizza from D’Andrea’s. There’s also doggy chowder available for your pooch.

Chowderfest is Saratoga Springs at it’s most festive, as downtown fills with live music and flocks of hungry people. They also have shirts that you can buy so you can brag to your friends that you were legitimately there and didn’t just find a goofy-ass Chowderfest shirt at the Saratoga Salvation Army.

At the end of the day you turn in your ballot at City Hall with a stomach full of Chowder and heart full of love.

So, sandwiched within a weekend of classy, shwasted dancing at the Hilton and Superbowl Sunday, bundle up, mosey down to Broadway and pump yourself full of as much chowder you can muster. Though you might want to purge, or do one of those instant juice cleanse things you guys do before Sunday, because chowder, vodka, pizza, wings, beer, and football may not feel so great when it turns to rock in your stomach.

Chowderfest starts at 11am and runs until 4pm.

Weekend Distractions CXIII

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

5:00pm- Speak Up, Make Change: Five Bright Ideas in Feminist Media Workshop @ ICC (fbook)
6:30pm- “A Band Called Death” Film Screening @ The Tang (fbook)
8:00pm- Speak Up, Make Change: Five Bright Ideas in Feminist Media Lecture @ Filene (fbook)
8:00pm- Brazilian Guitar Quartet @ Zankel

4:00pm- Outing Club Big Meeting @ Falstaffs
4:30pm- Awkward Kids Talking Auditions @ JKB
6:00pm- Women’s Basketball vs. Bard College @ Williamson Sports Center
8:00pm- Men’s Basketball vs. Bard College @ Williamson Sports Center
10:00pm- Prom 100 Days Dance @ Saratoga Hilton

11:00am- Chowderfest 2014 @ Downtown
11:30am- Awkward Kids Talking Newbie Show @ Spa (fbook)
1:00pm- Women’s Swimming & Diving Invitational @ Williamson Sports Center
Drunk:00pm- HAP @ you’ll know if you’re supposed to know

6:30pm- Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX @ MetLife Stadium
7:00pm- WSPN Big Meeting @ Gannett (fbook)

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Prepare Your Stomachs/Loins for Chowderfest

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

“Get your own goddamn chowder.”

Saratoga in the wintertime fluctuates between a forbidding hellscape or (like today) a creepy salute to global warming. The entire month of February is basically just one long suicidal thought, which is why this Saturday is going to send thrills up legs all over town.

That’s right, fatsos. It’s motherfucking Chowderfest, the annual tradition of waking up early and eating chowder until your arteries are clogged with cream and seafood. Eat (or chug) yourself into a stupor! Marvel at the wonderful dogs of Saratoga! Day drink! Do whatever you want, because it’s Fun Day in the snow and the world is perfect and everybody loves each other and nothing hurts.

Check out the participating busineses here, and fill your wallet with singles like you’re about to hit the booty clubs, because cups are $1 a piece. If you’re into social media or whatever, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates. WE’RE DOIN’ IT BIG.

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