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Camper & Trophy Wives @ Putnam Den

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’? Paella. He’s cooking paella.

Big weekend for music. On Friday, the brave, hardworking lads of Camper and Trophy Wives will be playing at Putnam Den, a fun little prelude to Dirty Projectors on Saturday.

The show is FREE, but it’s $7 if you’re a jabroni/under 21.

Friday April 12, 10pm @ Putnam Den

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Get Ready for a Weekend of Cool Music (and Stephen Yell)

Thursday, February 21st, 2013
Los Elk at a recent performance

A recent Los Elk performance

There’s so much live music happening this weekend, it’s basically a joke. Let’s go through this list one by one:

Friday, February 22

  • HAP & Los Elk: You may remember HAP from last semester’s semi-secret boner show in the basement of Clinton Street. Half of the people in the band don’t even go here, so you won’t want to miss this. They’re also playing with Los Elk, and everyone knows them because they’re great live and they’re all cute Jewish boys (I think? May need to get Skidmore Unofficial’s fact checker/unpaid intern on that). 8pm @ Falstaff’s 
  • Late City Nights: Branchez & Tony QuattroBleepy-bloop music from New York, along with a collection of Capital Region DJs spinning all night. Maybe you’ll do the Harlem Shake or something (DON’T).  9:30pm @ Putnam Den

Saturday, February 23

Let it be known that this weekend, Stephen Yell will be playing drums three times in 1/4 of the bands listed. What CAN’T that young man do?

Camper, Lyle Divinsky, and Nat Osborn @ Spa

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I don’t know

Tomorrow, Jewy heartthrobs Camper and Skidmore alums Lyle Divinsky and Nat Osborn will be playing in the Spa. Everyone knows and loves Camper, and these guys Lyle and Nat are cool if you’re into Dave Matthews and being white.

Go check them out before the 100 Days Dance.

Friday February 1, 9pm @ Spa

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Camper, Los Elk, and The Hilarys @ Putnam Den

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

I could look at this aesthetically appealing poster almost as long as I can stare into Stephen Yell‘s eyes. Which is forever.

It’s the last day of classes, so get ready to rage/slit your wrists as study week looms on the horizon.

Hopefully you’re in the former camp, because tomorrow night, beloved Skidmore minstrels Camper, Los Elk, and The Hilarys will be playing at Putnam Den. A portion of the proceeds will go to Sandy relief efforts, so you can feel good about yourself for paying $14 for two 40s at the bar and puking behind the Saratoga Springs Public Library as tears stream down your face and townies wandering over from Ice House laugh and throw solo cups full of Coors at you. Is this a true story? Maybe.

ALSO, admission gets you into the Pony Club event following the show.

Thursday December 13, 9:30pm @ Putnam Den
$3 for 21+/$8 for under 21 

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Camper & Bear Grass @ Putnam Den

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Aesthetically unremarkable

Prepare your loins and dancing shoes, because Camper and area folkies Bear Grass will be playing a FREE show at Putnam Den. IT’S SO FREE.*

Everyone loves Camper and if you don’t you’re fucking dickhead, and the word is that they’re going to be playing some new songs. Also, if you’re the luckiest girl in the world and YOU DON’T COME ON TOO STRONG, maybe Stephen Yell will toss his drumsticks and heart at you.

*As long as you are over 21.

Thursday November 1, 9pm @ Putnam Den

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Check Out Camper’s New Video “Steady”

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Apologies for the downtime, y’all. To express how incredibly sorry I am, please enjoy this new video from indie-pop heartthrobs Camper. It’s called “Steady” and it’s awesome.

This video has it all. Closeups of Eli, Stephen Yell in his boxers, and Jake playing like eight two instruments at once. It was produced by Will Feinstein (Wesleyan ’13) and mixed by Matt Delligatti (New England Conservatory ’14).

Jangula & Camper at the Tang

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

The realities of this picture are staggering

People are trickling back and settling in, so why not start planning cool stuff to do in the next few days before everybody starts complaining about how hard their classes are?

This Thursday, Brooklyn-based band Jangula will be playing a show at the Tang, along with Skidmore’s own Camper. I live with some of these guys and even though I heard them practicing their songs like fifty fucking times a day last year, they’re still a lot of fun.

On a side note, what on Earth is happening here? There’s a bear just broing out on campus, Fall Fun Day exists, ResHall Wifi is finally pulling its weight, and now this? It’s like Skidmore did Extreme Makeover: Home Edition over the summer and we’ve gone from living in a moldy, cricket-infested trailer to a three-story house with a shark tank and a bowling alley.

Thursday, September 6 in front of the Tang
Music @ 9:30