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“Fifty” Years of WSPN @ Case Gallery

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013


Tomorrow, come marvel at the historical relics of our humble college radio station, WSPN. Every year, the kids cool enough to get elected to the Board haul out some old junk from the office and hang it all up on the walls of Case Gallery, and tomorrow, they’ll be celebrating fifty years of broadcasting.*

According to the email I received from the lovely, effervescent, ambitious, beautiful GM, Annie Auchincloss, this year’s exhibit will include “letters from Prez Palamountain, telegrams from the FCC, and citation letters from Campo,” as well as:

  • The time WSPN was offered $25,000 for their call letters
  • The time WSPN almost died
  • The time WSPN got into a really big fight with SkidNews
  • A short history of really bad WSPN logos
  • An even shorter history of really good ones

The charming, boyish, dignified, persnickety programmer Mac Parsons will be providing tunes at tomorrow night’s opening, and apparently, there will be FOOD and BOOZE.

*The station was actually founded in 1973. Who could have guessed that a bunch of tight-jeans-wearing humanities majors would be so hopeless at math? 

Thursday April 11, 7pm @ Case Gallery

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