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What’s New With The Skidmore Music Scene

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
Our funk band can beat your funk band in basketball.

Our funk band can beat your funk band in basketball.

There’s been a lot of buzz going around the Skidmore music scene recently, with new releases, concert dates, and band name changes, so we thought it’d be as good a time as any to recap what’s been going on.

Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep: “P.E. E.P.”

The 11-piece funk collective released their first official studio album yesterday on their Bandcamp page. The six song EP consists entirely of originals and was recorded in Zankel’s Grossman Studio. It’s a clean, crisp funk project that melds psychedelic rock tendencies with the occasional jazz accents and electronic elements. Bo Peep will be playing a release party at Putnam Den on April 11th with Los Elk opening the stage.

So the otter is definitely Matt Gaydar, Josh has got to be the fox, I think Ryan is the dog, and Jeremy the owl. Courtesy of Lea Carey.

So the otter is definitely Matt Gaydar, Josh has got to be the fox, I think Ryan is the dog, and Jeremy the owl. Courtesy of Lea Carey.

Beardo Otter’s “It’s Alright Brother” and forthcoming EP 

The newly named Otter (the artists formerly known as Beardo) released a new track last week entitled “It’s Alright Brother” to promote their upcoming EP. The track is certainly recognizable if you’ve been to at least one Beardo show since 2011. It’s classic Beardo: smooth, bright guitar riffs with a jammy, southern rock vibe to it. Easy listening for some nice spring weather. The band will be playing an EP release party at Falstaff’s on April 10th alongside Queen Ambrosia.

This is a beautiful, regal pooch.

This is a beautiful, regal pooch.

Pooch releases “Talk Too Much” and “Telephone”

The fairly new campus band Pooch, fronted by Jonathan Benbeniste, released two new tracks last week. “Talk Too Much” is a mellow, wavy track with a sweet, sunny, west coast-dance feel peppered gently by some electronic stylings. “Telephone” is initially more folky, with Benbeniste’s lyrics and voice at the forefront, powering the start of the track, but as the song develops a dynamic landscape of wily synths get laid over the melody as the modest authority of Benbeniste’s voice sinks back in.

Casino Blues Bash w/ Bo Peep, Maryleigh Roohan, and More

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
Photo: Save Saratoga

Photo: Save Saratoga

So there’s been a lot of controversy around this town about plans to build a casino in downtown Saratoga. Save Saratoga is a “community-organized opposition group to the siting of a Las Vegas-style casino in the city of Saratoga Springs.” Save Saratoga doesn’t like casinos, they just like good music, and so, the nonprofit dedicating to maintain Saratoga’s thriving, artful, and old-time American small town vibes is putting on a show. Cosigned by Putnam Den, Save Saratoga Presents five local bands, including Skidmore’s own Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep, as well as alum Maryleigh Roohan to perform in support of our community’s fight against the casino.

The plan is to wear  RED to show your support. And give money. And buy things.

$10 cover ($5 with student ID)

Thursday, March 6th, 7pm at Putnam Den

Weekend Distractions CXI

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

7:00pm- Shin Dong-Hyuk Lecture @ Gannett Auditorium (fbook)
7:00pm- Sketchbook Night @ Tang (fbook)

8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
10:30pm- Triple Threat Comedy Show & Auction @ Filene (fbook)

3:00pm- Choreo II Performance @ Dance Theater (fbook)
3:00pm- Skidmore Chorus w/ Vocal Chamber Ensemble @ Zankel
8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Halley & Aimee’s Voice Recital @ Zankel (fbook)
10:00pm- Bo Peep & the Funk Sheep with Tali Ratzon & the Grind @ Putnam Den (fbook)

2:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)

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