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Weird Music Show @ Zankel

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
Sup Hub

Sup Hub

Tomorrow, a group of experimental musicians on campus will be performing in Zankel, as part of the ELM Show. The performers include Dan Alpher in “I Tweaked,” Benßen, and Sea Level

The organizers also included this laughably pretentious description of the event:

There will be no refreshments offered, no merchandise sold. We offer little beyond our performances and our ideas, among them being the idea that the Skidmore College campus is home to the minds that engineer innovative art as well as the best venues to deliver such expressions.
Bring your eccentric friends.

Somebody needs to shove these nerds in a few lockers. In any event, it sounds like a welcome departure from the usual strummy-strummy music we only hear at this place. Check it out.

Thursday April 11, 8pm @ Elizabeth Luce Moore Hall (Zankel 117)

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