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Weekend Distractions CXXXV

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

8:00pm – Seniors Go Solo ft. BEER @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Carr Residency Lecture: Documentarian Jocelyn Arem ’04 @ Filene

3:00pm Jacob Perlow Event Series: Life in a Jar @ Filene
7:00pm – Life Under ISIS: Discussion w/ Abude Alasaad @ Davis
8:00pm – Skidmore Concert Band @ Filene
8:00pm – Breakbeats Final Show @ Filene

2:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
6:30pm – Hotel Anello (ft. Jonathan Lee-Rey) @ Falstaff’s
3:00pm – Jacob Perlow Event Series: Life in a Jar @ Filene
8:00pm – Senior Recital: Jarred Green and Max Weigel @ Zankel
8:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
8:30pm – Los Elk & McLovins @ Putnam Den
9:00pm – Teen Girl Scientist Monthly & Iguana Mañana @ The SPA
9:00pm – AKT & Ad-Libs Improv Comedy Mega Show @ Davis
10:30pm – TuftsMORE: Dynamics & Tufts sQ Jam @ Wilson

1:00pm – Senior Recital: Emily Burnham, Voice & Piano @ Zankel
2:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
7:00pm – Senior Recital: Ian Bakerman, Jazz @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Hotel Anello (ft. Jonathan Lee-Rey) @ Falstaff’s

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Porches. And Mugsy Boges @ Falstaff’s 3/20

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
Courtesy of Garrett Evans

Courtesy of Garrett Evans

This Thursday at Falstaff’s Skidmore’s own Mugsy Boges will be opening up for Porches., a Brooklyn-based quintet predominantly powered Aaron Maine, who’s also the drummer of the band Frankie Cosmos.

Porches. has been making rumbles lately with their 2013 album “Slow Dance In The Cosmos,” a project that introduced many to their grit-layered way of wooing experimental, folk rock vibes and utterly inviting lyricism that begs rapid replays. Their calling it “moan pop” or “sad rock” and well, it’s sweet. Plus, uhh, Pitchfork says nice things about them, so, yeah.

Don’t miss this chance to see Porches. for free with Mugsy Boges and three dollar beers. That’s not a band, they’re just selling three dollar beers.



Review: Beer in College, Even @ Skidmore

Friday, September 12th, 2008

If there is one thing that movies have taught us it is that college = beer.  Of course, we as students know that this is an incomplete equation.  While beer is a large part of college, there are many other factors that define our pre-real world experience, such as sleeping and being broke.  With this in mind, I propose a new formula, which I have named “Jeremiah’s Formula”.  It is as follows:

College = really cheap beer

I have also taken the time to review a few of this season’s most popular really cheap beers, in order to help connoisseurs and amateurs alike in selecting the best brews for the right occasions.  Enjoy!

Keystone (2007) 15/20: A well-crafted and perky brew, with hints of vanilla, toasted oak, and water.  On the palate, this beer is lively and round, but it lacks the body to truly stand out among its peers.  Best served heated to room temperature and ingested through a plastic tube.

Busch (2008) 13/20: A uniquely complex beer, its richness hits your nose like a fistful of kalamata olives.  It is a true product of the St. Louis region, its flavor a hybrid of leather and fresh fig, giving way to a subtle goat cheese note.  Although distinctive and full, the finish is dry and lingers slightly.

Coors Light (1999) 11/20: Despite a satiny texture and tingly acidity, this Colorado blend of grapefruit, maple syrup and desperation—finely aged in the back of the fridge at the Getty—may be past its prime.  Try it with a nice filet mignon, or in a solo cup with a twist of dirty ping-pong ball.

Olde English 40oz. (2005) 19/20: A true classic of the hood region, this aromatic brew is matured to perfection, with an ample bouquet of shame, candied chestnut, and spring flowers infused with golden delicious apple and thug.  Try taking two bottles (very affordable) and duct-taping them to your hands.

Natural Ice (2008) 8/20: Although not without potential, this brew will not reach its peak for another five-seven years.  It offers an intriguing juxtaposition of orange blossom, cigarette smoke, and black pepper, but fails to deliver with a texture that lacks viscosity.  A berry-rich, mid-palate edge stands out when sampled through a hole in the can your buddy Kyle made with his room key.