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Weekend Distractions CXX

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

5:30pm- Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age, 2001-2012 @ Schtick Gallery
6:30pm- Beats For Beets @ Falstaff’s
7:00pm- OSDP Keynote: An Evening With Janet Mock @ Gannett
8:00pm- Jonathan Benbeniste’s Senior Music Recital  @ Zankel
8:00pm- Screening of The Bonsai People @ Spa
8:00pm- Turkuaz w/ The Alan Evans Trio @ Putnam Den

8:00pm- Drastic Measures Benefit Concert @ FileneHall
8:00pm- Spiritual Rez w/ Formula 5 @ Putnam Den
9:30pm- Battle of the Bands (winner plays Earthday) @ Falstaff’s
9:30pm- Awkward Kids Talking: Three AKT play @ Gannett

8:00am- Skidmore Intercollegiate Horse Show @ Van Lennep Riding Center
8:00pm- SEC Presents: Javelin and Hap @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm- The Sirens & Lilting Forward @ The Wilson Chapel

9:00am- Skidmore Manticores Present: The Man-Eaters Cup @ Wachenheim Field

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Beats for Beets

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

You and two fairy friends at Falstaff’s this Thursday? Maybe!

Every year, Lively Lucy’s and EAC organize a fun concert in Falstaff’s to raise money for the Skidmore Garden. They get a bunch of bands and food and it turns into a regular hippie jam fest. Never ever saw the Northern Lights, huh guys?!

Snacks will be provided by Chipotle and Bread Basket (what, no Five Guys?), and the bands will include:

This year, if you donate over $3, you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win free stuff from local business like Plum Dandy, Uncommon Grounds, Chipotle, and (apparently) MORE TO COME!

Also, the people on the Facebook page are DESTROYING the produce pun game. Here are a few more:

  • Rave for Rabe
  • Mosh for Squash
  • Shrieks for Leeks
  • Tangos for Mangos
  • Half-Chubs for Shrubs
  • Get Low for Tomatillos
  • Boogala for Arugula
  • Golden Showers for Cauliflowers
  • Twerk for Gherk(ins)


Thursday March 21, 7pm @ Falstaff’s

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Lively Lucy’s and EAC Present: Beats For Beets

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

i need more allowance

Attention: This Thursday EAC and Lively Lucy’s are hosting Beats for Beets, an event at Falstaff’s that provides the perfect opportunity to talk about the late 90’s Nickelodeon television show Doug! As you may know, The Beets were Doug’s favorite band and even though the connection may seem tangential at best I can promise you that you will be able to use this event to start a conversation about the television show Doug.  Everyone already knows that talking about late 90s Nickelodeon television shows is the best way to flirt with people at Skidmore and that chatting about your mutual appreciation for cultural touchstones like Doug and Ahh! Real Monsters! is a guaranteed way to get someone to make out with you. All you need to do is show up, lean in close while one of the bands tunes their guitars and say something witty like “I can’t wait until they play Killer Tofu” and you’re golden, I promise.

In addition to all this make out hoopla, Beats For Beats will also feature delicious snacks donated by Chipotle, The Bread Basket, and Uncommon Grounds, as well as delicious music donated by Honey, Jon Wan+ Zoe Brecher, Houseboat, and Dan Papson & the Purple Crayons. All this stuff is great.

The Student Garden will also be selling their highly fashionable canvas bags and raffling off gift certificates to the Saratoga Farmers Market.

8pm @ Falstaff’s