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Did You Miss Beatlemore? Watch It Here!

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Poster designed by Jackie Avellar '15.

Poster designed by Jackie Avellar ’15.

If you (like me) committed the Skidmore cardinal sin of missing out on Beatlemore this weekend, absolution is readily available. You can (re)live the magic in this recording of Saturday night’s Skidmore-only performance below.

[On another note: check out the music department’s livestream page for a whole slew of archived events that you probably missed as well. Shit, what with everything being thrown on the Internet, why go out anymore? Stay inside. Live your life from your computer desk. It’s safe there.]

Obviously, you should watch the entire performance, but we’ve done you the service of writing out the setlist below the video. You know, just in case you’re only watching so you can see your friend–the one you totally promised you would go, but you waited until the last minute and couldn’t get a ticket or just decided that your Northwoods apartment was too warm and toasty to schleck all the way to Zankel.

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Weekend Distractions CXXIX

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB
8:00pm – Lively Lucy’s Presents: Bobmore Dylanmania @ Falstaff’s

7:00pm – Stompin’ Soles Show @ Dance Theater
8:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm – Rithmos Halftime Show @ The Spa
8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB
9:00pm – Stompin’ Soles Show @ Dance Theater
10:00pm – Friday Night Stand-Up @ The Spa

1:00pm – Swimming & Diving vs. Utica
2:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
2:00pm – Men’s Basketball vs. Babson
3:00pm – SKooJ Hip-Hop Dance Workshop @ Dance Studio 1
8:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania (Skidmore-Only Show) @ Zankel
8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB

2:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB

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Lively Lucy’s Presents: Bobmore Dylanmania (11/20)

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Jesse Hardman ’15

Are you totally over The Beatles? Would you take Blood on the Tracks over that overrated and derivative piece of trash Sgt. Pepper’s anyway? Is the intimate and cozy feel of Falstaff’s more appealing to you than the impersonal expansiveness of the Ladd Concert Hall? Do you think Paul McCartney talks funny?

If any/all of these are the case, well, chill out. You can like The Beatles and Bob Dylan, because both are seminal cultural figures and played large roles in developing music as we know it today. And you can still go to Beatlemore this weekend. But Bobby isn’t the focal point of the school’s biggest annual event, so the old reliables Lively Lucy’s are giving him a major shout-out this Thursday, 11/20, with Bobmore Dylanmania.

The evening will consist of some folks playing short sets of their favorite one to three Bob Dylan songs. I sure hope someone performs this seasonal gem. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Should be fucking awesome. Lively Lucy’s always finds cool ways to switch things up every now and then, so be sure and swing by Falstaff’s this Thursday at 8:00pm and support them and anyone performing.

Weekend Distractions CXII

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

5:30om- Art, Craft, & Technology: A Lecture with Leah Buechley ’97 @ Gannett (fbook)
9:00pm – Trebsgiving @ Filene (fbook)

1:30pm- Women’s Field Hockey Team Semi-Final Game Viewing Party @ D-Hall 2nd Floor
7:00pm- Men’s Hockey vs. Babson College @ Rink
7:00pm- Stompin’Souls @ Dance Theatre (fbook)
8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel

2:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm- Benefit Concert for Sakeenah @ Filene (fbook)
9:30pm- “A Beard’s Night Out” featuring The WonderBeards w/ Beardo, Tempestribe @ Putnam Den (fbook)
10:pm- Let’s Get Physical: Breakbeats Rave @ Falstaff’s (fbook)

10:am- First Women’s Ice Hockey Game @ Rink
2:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)

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Beatlemore Saturday Night Tickets For Sale ONLINE!!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013
Seriously.  Our campus is so small and it's never a far walk anywhere.  Make it a fun and exciting excursion into unexplored territory if you have to!

Seriously. Our campus is so small and it’s never a far walk anywhere. Make it a fun and exciting excursion into unexplored territory if you have to!

Fear not lazy ones! No longer do you have to walk to the magnificently majestic Arthur Zankel Music Center to buy tickets for the Skidmore-only Beatlemore concert Saturday November 23 at 8:00 PM.  We’ve gotten you the link to the online box office.  You (your parents) will have to pay the extra online fees when you pay using your (your parents’) credit card, but you won’t have to exert yourselves at all!  Just make sure you still have your Skidmore ID when you go to pick your tickets up.  Remember, Saturday night is Skidmore community only and is by far the best show of the three.

Get your Beatlemore Skidmore-only Saturday night tickets here!  Saturday, November 23 @ 8:00pm

Get your other Beatlemore tickets here!  Friday, November 22 @ 8:00pm and Saturday, November 23 @ 2:00pm

Beatlemore Skidmania Returns

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The Beatles

This weekend, the dulcet, important tones of Beatles covers will once again ring forth from Zankel, as Beatlemore Skidmania returns. Which a cappella group will cover “Imagine?” Who will cover “Blackbird?” What about “If I Fell?” I am bursting in anticipation.

This year, there are going to be three shows in total: one on Friday and two on Saturday. Seats are either gone or going fast because of how important this event is, so grab them online or at the Zankel box office. I realize it’s a pain in the ass to schlep all the way over there during the day, but tickets simply cannot be sold in Case because this is more important than ANYTHING you ever have attended or ever will attend at Skidmore College.

Also, t-shirts and posters will be sold tomorrow in Case.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Saturday evening show will be simulcasted at bars in Boston and New York for any sad alums looking to relive their college years. Unfortunately, the New York location is the Village Pourhouse, which the $10 open bar only slightly makes up for.

Friday November 16, 8pm
Saturday November 17, 2pm
Saturday November 17, 8pm
@ Zankel

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Beatlemore Auditions

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Skidmore’s favorite tradition of listening to Beatles covers and Gordon Thompson talking is just around the corner, and the organizers will be accepting video auditions from any and all student bands starting next week, from October 1-10. All you have to do is email for more info.

Beatlemore is a good excuse to “put yourself out there” and impress your peers with your free jazz interpretation of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” For example, indie-folk darlings Bailiwick made their worldwide debut at Beatlemore 2009 and went on to conquer the hearts of the greater Saratoga region. Could be you!

Relive the Memories! Again and Again and Again and Again…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Skidmore alum, Calder Wilson ’11, was hired by Skidmore to lend his considerable photographic skills to capture acts from Beatlemore Skidmania. Check out the videos on youtube!  Wow, the Beatles, am I right?

Beatlemania Tickets On Sale Tuesday

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Notice: the actual name of the event that this post is about is ‘Beatlemore Skidmania’ but I refuse to dignify such a stupid name on this website and will refer to it simply as ‘Beatlemania’

I have never been to Beatlemania but I have heard that it involves students playing surprisingly impressive covers of songs by the band that did the soundtrack to Across The Universe.

I’ve also heard rumors that the show sold out in 15 minutes and that every baby boomer in a 50 miles radius wanted tickets. You see, adults, recognizing Beatlemania as the perfect opportunity to flail towards relevance with over-told stories of their own Beatles experiences, all the while appearing cool and hip and ‘down with The Youngs,’ snatched up tickets so quickly you would have thought John Lennon himself was playing–luckily The College added a second showing. Appropriately named ‘Beatlemania II’ the second concert will start at 7pm, immediately following the 3pm show.

Student tickets ($3 CASH ONLY) will be available Tuesday, 11/9 from 10am-2pm in the Dining Hall, which is probably the worst place in the world to sell tickets. Did someone forget to mention that D-hall is only a daily stop for freshmen, sophomores and lazy upperclassmen? Do they not know that Case Center—a building that every student at the very least has a minor reason to visit every day—has a fucking window from which to sell tickets? Am I literally being punished for packing my lunch? Whatever. All You Need Is Love!

Even though the performances have been doubled and Zankel’s six-hundred-and-something seats more than double the capacity of the show’s previous venue I anticipate getting tickets being a bit tricky, so be diligent. People love The Beatles y’all.

Public tickets are available 11/9 at 9am at the Zankel box office online.