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Otter Releases New Single: “Thieves”

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Photo by Gretchen Schwab ’14.

Skidmore music scene legends Otter (formerly known as Beardo, but that’s old news) have debuted their latest single, “Thieves,” which was recorded at their recent video shoot with Fireworks Production. This might be one of the best tracks the band has released, as it features tight four-part harmonies (seriously, everyone in this band sings), killer production, and a grooving solo from Matt Gaydar ’14.

Also included as a B-side is the most recent incarnation of the band’s live hit “Pocket Lips.” So be sure and give that a listen to see how the band has developed one of their classics.

Check the single out and download it (along with the bands previous material) on their Bandcamp page. The video from which the audio was lifted can be watched below.

Mellodi Interview: Josh Speers of Otter

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Mellodi, the self-proclaimed “home of college music,” recently interviewed Skidmore alum and Otter lead singer/bassist Josh Speers ’14. In the interview, Speers touches on Otter’s recording/touring process post-graduation and the bands experiences in the Skidmore music scene (house shows, anyone?). If you’ve ever found yourself at survived one of Otter’s many on and off campus shows, you know how big a deal they were at Skidmore, so it’s awesome to see them making Internet waves post-graduation.

Be sure to check out Otter’s debut EP on their Mellodi page. And be sure to check out the other Skidmore bands in the Skidmore section of the site.

Skidmore Unofficial’s Official Survival Guide to Fun Day Weekend

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
Yes.  It's a fun day.  People are excited.  Stay safe and clean up your fucking trash.

Yes. It’s a fun day. People are excited. Stay safe and clean up your fucking trash.

Ah, yes.  It’s finally time to begin preparing for Fun Day weekend.  Classes are winding down, the weather is improving, and everyone on campus is ready to blow off a little (a lot) of steam.  With a crazy busy weekend of debauchery ahead, we figured you should all get a quick rundown on how you should prepare and how it’ll all go down.

Get all of your homework done.  Seriously.  The last thing you’ll want to do is school work the day after Fun Day.  Even if you’re not planning on drinking Saturday, everyone in your life will be either exhausted, hung over, sunburnt, or some combination of the three.  It’s best to get things out of the way and give yourself time to recuperate and to watch Netflix.  Also, it’s a great chance to talk with your friends about who’s buying what alcohol for the weekend, where you’re pregaming (and gaming), and the easiest way to eat a hearty breakfast.

The Happening.  It’s Lively Lucy’s crazy ridiculous ’60s art throwback to the times of Andy Warhol and recreational acid tripping in the East Village. It’s at Falstaff’s.  Way more clubs than you can count come together for wacky, zany cross-pollenated artistic activities.  And if you’re not into that type of thing, take this as your last chance to get your work done for the weekend and to rest up.

Get your booze!  Get your food!  Take the time when you’re done with classes to stock up on your Fun Day supplies.  This includes (but isn’t limited to) alcohol, hearty breakfast food, mid-day snacks, an opaque water bottle, SUNSCREEN, enough cigarettes to get you through a week (trust me), a backpack, whatever other substances you plan on consuming, and potentially a parasol.  By this point you should know who you’re partying with and where, too.  And at night, it’s the Tang Party!  Go take a walk outside the Tang and check out some sweet student art installations.  It’s also featuring a pretty sweet lineup of student bands that aren’t on the Fun Day roster: Psymon Spine, Pooch, Triceracops, and Queen Ambrosia.  While it may be your natural inclination to drink to your heart’s content on a Friday night, we advise building up to a very slight buzz and stopping there.  You’re going to consume a lot of alcohol on Fun Day, and you want to give your body time to flush out whatever you’ve been drinking the night before, so make sure it’s not too much.


Yes, people will be in headdresses and minimal clothes, keep your composure, it’s Fun Day

It’s here!  It’s Fun Day!  Take a look at  your daily schedule:
8:15am- Wake up!  Crack a beer and make a mimosa cuz it’s time for Fun Day!  Start slow and steady to stay safe.
8:40am- Shower beer.  Fucking do it.
9:15am- Off campus?  Time to get the fuck on campus so you’re not designating a driver the morning of Fun Day.  Bring cab fare.
9:30am- Breakfast.  Whether it’s dhall or cooking in the apartments, make sure you eat a great breakfast.  Maybe try a Bloody Mary or just have another PBR and a shot of Crystal Palace
10:20am- Begin preparing the day’s worth of drunk juice.  For my friends and me, that is a gin bucket.  Take a large plastic bin and empty in it three of the cheapest handles of gin you can find.  Pair that with seven bottles of Fresca, a bag of quartered and squeezed limes, and a bag of ice from Stewart’s.  Stir and drink.
11:00am- Apply sunscreen.  Use the nasty spray stuff to cake yourself and some nicer cream shit for your face.  Why am I even telling you this?  You’re a college student!
11:20am- Partake in an outdoor activity as you make your way to the green.  Bocce, frisbee, a rousing game of catch, I don’t give a fuck.  Just make sure you’re on the South Park Green (that’s the one behind the library, not in front of dhall) by noon.  Get your spot, grab some free sunglasses courtesy of SGA, and try not to throw up on Robin Adams.  Throw up on Josh Nelson.
12:00pm- Beardo Otter takes the stage!  Woo live music!
12:50pm- OJ Johnson DJ set. Re-up on booze from your dorm.
1:15pm- Eat something hearty and with lots of protein and carbs.  Drink some water while you’re at it.
1:20pm- There will be a naked run.  You will see your Outing Club friends naked.  Just keep drinking and it will all end soon.
1:40pm- Bo Peep and the Funk Sheep plays!  More live music and dancing!
2:30pm- DJDLi (Daniel Li) DJ set. Try out the bounce house!
3:20pm- Los Elk plays!  The trifecta of animal themed bands is complete!
4:10pm- Lt. Surge (Allan Brown & Zach Gordon) DJ set. Are you still safe?
5:00pm- Nap.  Seriously.  Crash, pass out, and get some sleep to get the drunk out of you.  You’ve been sitting outside in the sun consuming ungodly portions of alcohol all day.  Give your body a break.
8:00pm- Eat something.  Preferably greasy and from Char Koon.  Drink a lot of water, take some Tylenol, and try to get your body started briefly.
9:00pm- Take a SOBER walk outside.  You’re too tired to drink or smoke some pot still.  The fresh air will do you some good.
9:45pm- It’s make-or-break-o’clock.  Decide if you’re going out or not.  I will not.  You may, but be respectful of the people who went way harder than you and still can’t move.
1:00am- Go the fuck to sleep.

Take a personal day.  For once you don’t have to do anything on a Sunday.  Stay in bed, watch some Netflix, and snack your ass off throughout the day.  Perfect chance to catch up on Game of Thrones.  Drink lots of water.

And there you have it!  Just remember to stay safe, know your limits, and have a great weekend.  Try not to spoil this for the future Skidmore generations…


What’s New With The Skidmore Music Scene

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
Our funk band can beat your funk band in basketball.

Our funk band can beat your funk band in basketball.

There’s been a lot of buzz going around the Skidmore music scene recently, with new releases, concert dates, and band name changes, so we thought it’d be as good a time as any to recap what’s been going on.

Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep: “P.E. E.P.”

The 11-piece funk collective released their first official studio album yesterday on their Bandcamp page. The six song EP consists entirely of originals and was recorded in Zankel’s Grossman Studio. It’s a clean, crisp funk project that melds psychedelic rock tendencies with the occasional jazz accents and electronic elements. Bo Peep will be playing a release party at Putnam Den on April 11th with Los Elk opening the stage.

So the otter is definitely Matt Gaydar, Josh has got to be the fox, I think Ryan is the dog, and Jeremy the owl. Courtesy of Lea Carey.

So the otter is definitely Matt Gaydar, Josh has got to be the fox, I think Ryan is the dog, and Jeremy the owl. Courtesy of Lea Carey.

Beardo Otter’s “It’s Alright Brother” and forthcoming EP 

The newly named Otter (the artists formerly known as Beardo) released a new track last week entitled “It’s Alright Brother” to promote their upcoming EP. The track is certainly recognizable if you’ve been to at least one Beardo show since 2011. It’s classic Beardo: smooth, bright guitar riffs with a jammy, southern rock vibe to it. Easy listening for some nice spring weather. The band will be playing an EP release party at Falstaff’s on April 10th alongside Queen Ambrosia.

This is a beautiful, regal pooch.

This is a beautiful, regal pooch.

Pooch releases “Talk Too Much” and “Telephone”

The fairly new campus band Pooch, fronted by Jonathan Benbeniste, released two new tracks last week. “Talk Too Much” is a mellow, wavy track with a sweet, sunny, west coast-dance feel peppered gently by some electronic stylings. “Telephone” is initially more folky, with Benbeniste’s lyrics and voice at the forefront, powering the start of the track, but as the song develops a dynamic landscape of wily synths get laid over the melody as the modest authority of Benbeniste’s voice sinks back in.

Weekend Distractions CXII

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

5:30om- Art, Craft, & Technology: A Lecture with Leah Buechley ’97 @ Gannett (fbook)
9:00pm – Trebsgiving @ Filene (fbook)

1:30pm- Women’s Field Hockey Team Semi-Final Game Viewing Party @ D-Hall 2nd Floor
7:00pm- Men’s Hockey vs. Babson College @ Rink
7:00pm- Stompin’Souls @ Dance Theatre (fbook)
8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel

2:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)
8:00pm- Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm- Benefit Concert for Sakeenah @ Filene (fbook)
9:30pm- “A Beard’s Night Out” featuring The WonderBeards w/ Beardo, Tempestribe @ Putnam Den (fbook)
10:pm- Let’s Get Physical: Breakbeats Rave @ Falstaff’s (fbook)

10:am- First Women’s Ice Hockey Game @ Rink
2:00pm- Back Country Crimes @ JKB (fbook)

Missing something? Let us know in the comments

SEC Presents: Bo Peep & Beardo @ Falstaffs 9/28 9pm-12am

Friday, September 27th, 2013
Bo Peepjpeg-1

This Shit Is Real Talented Shit My Man. Email for free posters for anything made personally by me on Paintbrush.

SEC doesn’t get many Falstaff’s dates per year. One of their most memorable is electronic, alt-hip hop guru Le1f, who got Skidmore psyched enough to blow their load prematurely, hop on stage two songs in, and need to be reprimanded by their SEC-member peers. It was a great show. And due to the rowdiness of two-weeks-ago’s Evolfo Doofeht show, Campo, and back-up Campo, needs to be present at every Falstaffs event. But whatever, you can still smoke a joint around the back and 10 feet into the woods; that’s totally a safe zone.

Well, this Saturday, September 28th at 9pm, SEC is going local, featuring Skidmore’s own 11-piece funk phenoms, Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep, and folk-blues-jam band, Beardo, playing Falstaffs. Both of these bands mostly consist of seniors (although Bo Peep did just make some first-round freshman acquisitions), which means that all those off-campus types and North Woods hoodlums will come out of their shells and show face in one of the most suss buildings on campus. The acoustics at Falstaffs are premo, so the show is sure to be wonderful. Come out, see your buddies, and gyrate to some funky tunes. But please, someone cut a moon roof into the ceiling because that place is so fucking hot and a steam room is the last place I want to see a rock concert.

Check tracks below and come out to show support.

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Beardo, Bo Peep, and Trophy Wives @ Putnam Den

Saturday, November 10th, 2012


Tonight, Beardo, Bo Peep & the Funk Sheep, and Trophy Wives will be playing at Putnam Den for your dancing pleasures. Beardo and Bo Peep are about as fun as a barrel of monkeys, and though I’ve never heard Trophy Wives, apparently they’re pretty cool.

Cover is $3 if you’re over 21, $5 if you’re not. Tickets get you into the Pony Club event at Putnam Den afterwards. It’s 18+, ya creep.

Saturday November 10, 9:30pm @ Putnam Den

(via Facebook)

Musical Events Galore TODAY

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Pretend this still image is the .gif.

By Brandon Dyer ’15

Okay, we all know that this Saturday is the illustrious Fun Day (did I actually use that word in the proper context?  Ah, who gives a fuck?) and hopefully you know that the Tang Party is tonight from 8 PM to midnight but were you aware that musical happenings will start not at 8 on Friday, but at noon?  Allow me to elaborate.

From 12-3 on Case Green Lively Lucy’s will be holding the annual Skidmore Folk Fest, featuring the talents of Jeffrey Halvorsen, Melissa Chilinski, Burning Man, Callison Stratton, Skinny White Folk, and Matt Gaydar.  These guys are seasoned veterans of Falstaff’s and have soothed many a stressed-out soul with their beautiful melodies and harmonies.  Not gonna lie, I’ve probably watched this ten of fifteen times now.  It’s gonna be great. Turns out Skidmore Folk Fest is being postponed until finals week, but look forward to it then!

But wait – there’s more!  After that, also on Case Green from 3-6, will be the Geo Club’s annual Rock Concert (haha, get it? Rock? Geology), where there will be Pop Rocks, ice cream, and, of course, rock!  Starting the show will be a local band that has never played at Skidmore before, Speak of the Devil.  You may recognize the guitarist as that dude who works in the dining hall.  Rumor has it they’ll be giving out free EP’s…  Next up is Beardo, Skidmore’s resident jammers.  Need I say more?  And finally, closing out the Rock Concert will be Mugsy Boges.  Last week opening for Evolfo Doofeht, Mugsy Boges put on – I’ll say it – the best show I’ve ever been to.  These guys are the real deal.  There’s also going to be warm stuff to drink and geology-themed candy, so come out to Case Green.

There you have it.  Music all day, with a break for dinner before the Tang Party featuring Third Nature, Yo Soy Milk, and The Artifacts.  Prepare to get rocked, you hipsters.


Lively Lucy’s Presents Dan Papson and Beardo

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Tomorrow night at Falstaff’s Dan Papson ’11 and Beardo will be playing some swell tunes.  No, I don’t know who or what Beardo is. I’m assuming the Beardo playing at Falstaff’s tomorrow is not this one, but if it is please, please let me know.
Music starts around 9.

Check out more info on Dan Papson Here