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Andrew Magazine Capstone Performance

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


This weekend, human cat Andrew Magazine ’13 will be performing his dance capstone “Inside the Mountain.” Here’s his release:

“Inside the Mountain”, is an atmospheric performance littered with story and magic. It calls upon the part of the mind which lies somewhere between passive participation and active reception in an effort to unlock the referential imagination of the individual audience member. The piece draws upon many related sources which fall under the expansive category of [super]natural power, which include the “Grimm Brothers’ Book of Stories”, lush woods, sheer muscular ability, the mystical number “3”, and the deceptive quality of the mind’s cache.

Magazine and his dancers are nimble as fuck so go check it out and feel awful about how out of shape you’ve become, you repulsive, disgusting mess.

Friday April 19th, 8pm
Saturday April 20, 2pm & 8pm
@ Chapel

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