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Guy Who Walked Across the Country to Speak

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

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If you’re a senior, you’re either scratching your eyeballs out trying to get a job, or you’re hiding under the covers, hoping and praying that this GIANT PROBLEM will just GO AWAY. Well, if you’re Andrew Forsthoefel (what a name!), instead of doing either of those things, you walk across the country because why the fuck not?

Forsthoefel spent months traveling around the United States, meeting people, and having experiences that were probably life-changing, and he maintained a blog the entire time. Tonight, he’ll be talking about his journey in Gannett.

On a sidenote, I re-watched every episode of The Larry Sanders Show this summer, and I’ll be giving my own lecture on the trials and triumphs I experienced, and all the inspiring figures I met along the way.

Thursday October 25, 7:10pm @ Gannett 

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