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Skidmore Gives Generously to International Students

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Does anyone read anything from here that isn’t college-related?

Skidmore may have just found a way to nurse its wounds following an abhorrent ranking on a list recently made by The New York Times charting the most economically diverse top colleges. The U.S. News and World Report (you know, that source you claim to absolutely despise yet find yourself still checking even four years after your college application process is over) has released a list of the “10 Colleges That Award International Students the Most Financial Aid,” and Skidmore made the cut.

Skidmore, which has an 8% international student rate, reportedly awarded financial aid to 98 international students during 2013-2014, and the average aid package awarded was $53,600–approximately 90% of the estimated cost of attendance for the 2014-2015 year. (Just to save you a bit of math, the number I was working with for that calculation is $59,942, also known as a fuck-ton of money.)

Just as a point of comparison, here’s some overall financial aid statistics lifted straight from the school’s financial aid website:

  • The average 2013-14 first-year financial aid package was $38,600.
  • The range of the packages was $2,000 to $58,000.
  • 44% of students received need-based grants.
  • 56% received some form of financial aid.
  • 48% were given the opportunity to work on campus.

Given the fact that both economic and ethnic diversity are constantly points of discussion being brought up around Skidmore (both in the admissions office and in public forums), this recent good news is interesting–and just might instill a bit of faith that Skidmore is doing something right. As mentioned US News article, international students don’t qualify for Stafford or Perkins, both of which can provide up to $5,500 a year to undergraduate students. The article claims that much of the student-aid that is awarded to international students is merit-based (as opposed to need-based) at most schools, though there’s no way to tell if that’s the case at Skidmore as well.

In fact, the only information the website offers on the matter is the fact that “Skidmore is also able to offer a very limited number of financial aid awards to students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States,” so it would be quite interesting to know how whether these select few are chosen based on their academic record, their demonstrated need, or a combination of the two. At the very least, this “ranking” challenges the problematic assumption–made by many–that all international students are paying the full sticker price to attend Skidmore, which might challenge the assumptions we make about people’s economic backgrounds.

Of course, this doesn’t negate the fact that $59,942 is way too much money, especially if we’re not even getting a Fall Fun Day out of it.

(Again) Skidmore Sees Big Gain in 2017 Applications

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

I reported on this two months ago, but all day, my newsfeed has been BLOWING UP with this article heralding Skidmore as the Next Big Thing in liberal arts colleges, after we saw a ridiculous 42% increase in applications for the incoming freshman Class of 2017. I’m going to repost my earlier article because I think I made some funny jokes that most people ignored The New York Times has a much better breakdown of the numbers than this weird website that looks like somebody’s Xanga page.

Congrats to us! Now let’s all try to get jobs or something.

(via Skidmore Unofficial)

Skidmore Sees MASSIVE Increase in Freshman Applications

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Skidmore spreadshitting all over the competition

Remember back when you were applying to college and you came to visit Skidmore? You oohhed and aahhed at the palatial dorm room your tour guide brought you to (Your mom: “So much floorspace!”). You salivated at D-Hall’s myriad options, each unique in its own delicious way (Your mom: “They’ve got a GREAT salad bar here!”). You saw intrepid art majors, frazzled and hard at work in a wonderfully messy studio (Your mom: “Ceramics sure looks like it could be fun!”). Then, you marveled at the gleaming gymnasium and verdant athletic fields (Your mom: “Maybe you’ll be able to swim laps before class?”).

Ah, memories of a tranquil youth; dreams of what might have been.

According to The New York Times, Skidmore received 8,126 college applications for Fall 2013, a 42 percent increase from last year’s 5,706 applications. Those numbers mark the greatest percentage increase among the colleges listed in the article.


What’s going on here? Has Skidmore officially jumped the shark? Should we be scared? The way I see it, there are two possible reasons: admissions is REALLY lowering the bar (“Don’t like filling out the Common App, prospective student? WELL IT’S OPTIONAL”), or we’ve suddenly become the hippest school in the country. Either way, I think it’s clear that we’ll soon be inundated with morons or losers or both. It’s like the first step towards full-on gentrification.

(via The New York Times)