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High Brow Thursday!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Not actually Kiki Smith, but an example of her artwork

Great news, guys. Tomorrow night is going to be a great chance to show everyone how much you love the fine arts and stuff.

First off, at 7pm in the Tang, artist Kiki Smith will be speaking at the second Dunkerley Dialogue of the semester. Smith’s photography has been on exhibit in the Tang for about a month now. I haven’t made the schlep over there yet, but I’m told it’s a really great show. However, it ends next month, so be sure to head to the Tang before December 30th.

Also, tomorrow night at 8pm, award-winning area authoress Lorrie Moore will participate in a Q&A at Zankel, with a book signing to follow. Moore’s most recent novel, A Gate at the Stairs, was the assigned summer reading for the class of 2015, and has been called by my girl Michiko Kakutani, “an indelible portrait of a young woman coming of age in the Midwest in the year after 9/11 and her initiation into the adult world of loss and grief.” Sounds moving!

So yeah, two solid academic events to attend tomorrow night. Take a break from Trivia Night at DA’s and educate yourself or something.

I’d Major in Jersey Shore

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Foucault don't know me!

University of Chicago, the veritable epicenter of academica, seems to have raised the bar again. Last Friday the University hosted a ‘Conference on Jersey Shore Studies’. The presentations included, “Our Situation in Communities: Foucault’s Theory of Discipline as a Function of Popular and Common Culture”, “Framing Italian-ness: The Role of Whiteness, Control, and the Representations of the Guido Identity in Jersey Shore” and “Situating the Situation: Psychogeography, Mimetic Desire and the Resurgent Indo-European Trifunctional Paradigm in Seaside”.

I swear that I didn’t make this up. Here is the schedule from the conference, which has been getting pretty substantial media coverage. I also managed to find a clip of the opening remarks by student organizer, David Showalter. Oh my god that looks boring. I don’t watch the Jersey Shore in hopes of applying Baudrillard’s theories on consumption to booze-addled beefcakes. I just want to watch Ronnie act like an enraged primate, Mike smash his head into a wall and Snooki do shit like this.