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WSPN Big Meeting (2/2)

Sunday, February 1st, 2015
The coolest logo for the coolest club.

The coolest logo for the coolest club.

You’ve heard the rumors, and they’re true. The esteemed position of WSPN radio show host just might be yours for the taking. Lots of guts. Lots of glory. Lots of cred among the Clark’s-wearing, undercut-sporting demigod(desse)s.

If any of this has some ounce of appeal to you, then go to the WSPN Big Meeting tomorrow night at 8pm in Gannett. Swing on by, meet the WSPN board members, and snag an application for a radio show this semester. Look into this shit now, because I’m pretty sure they dish out the good time slots based on seniority–and it’s much better to have a 4am time-slot your freshman year than your senior year when you actually start listening to good music. So start working your way up now, noob scum.

What’s that? You don’t like the shit they play on WSPN? Well, get a show and change that! Play your music! Be the meaningless change you want to see in the world.

Still Need a WSPN Show Application?

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

This is an old logo.

Skidmore’s radio station, WSPN, decided to hold their semester kickoff meeting during Super Bowl XLVIII.  I’m not really sure how many people showed up, and I’m less sure how many Skidmore students know the game of football.  But fear not!  If you were like me and missed yesterday’s big meeting, you can still pick up an application in the WSPN office TONIGHT (Monday 2/3) from 7:00-8:30.  A note from the WSPN programmer, Lena Bilik…

Hi everyone,

Good turnout at the meeting tonight! Thank you so much to everyone who came out despite the Superbowl. We will be definitely considering that fact when we read through the applications this week.

But, if you couldn’t make it tonight we are allowing a second chance: tomorrow, Monday February 3, Gretchen and I will be in the radio station from 7pm – 830 pm. If you want to, come get an application from us then and we will fill you in (quickly) on what you missed at the meeting.

Remember, the applications are due on TUESDAY AT 6pm IN THE RADIO STATION no matter when you pick up the application. The program will be posted on Friday.

Note: we will be marking the applications that we receive tomorrow, and the people who came to the meeting tonight will be recognized for their commitment. Thanks guys!

It is actually important to come to the big meeting, we had some new information as well as crucial reminders that you will have missed if you didn’t come. That is why between 7 and 830 pm tomorrow will be the only time to get another application if you missed the meeting tonight. We usually don’t offer another chance to get these, but we did feel badly about the scheduling, so take advantage of it.

See some of you tomorrow!