We Take Nostalgia Dairy Seriously

Written by Staff Writer on March 6th, 2012

This is why Media Services has Photoshop.

Spring Break is approaching and we all know D-Hall likes to repeat menus week after week. Even though putting bread and cheese together takes minimal effort, and is the perfect cop out for “what do we serve to hold the kids over until they leave?”, let’s be real: grilled cheese is the best.

Eating them makes you feel like you are 10, and who doesn’t love that Kraft commercial where they pull the sandwich apart and the cheese parts down the middle perfectly. That little girl at the end of the commercial looks so happy. And look how the cheese squares form into bags of money!

Yes, I tire of the monotony of the predictable dining hall every once in a while. But if you weren’t lining up for grilled cheese at The Diner, you’d definitely be making it in your Scribner House, hoping no one is going to break in to steal your cans of tomato soup (too soon?)


This is another guest post, as we’re currently looking for juniors, sophomores and freshmen to fill our size 14 EEEE shoes. Email rowley@skidmoreunofficial.com with your CV and head-shot. No just kidding, send him a post (title, picture, etc.).

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