Skidmore Memes Revolutionizes Internet, Humor

Written by Rowley on February 21st, 2012

What a pithy observation!

You know how every time you’ve logged into Facebook in the past few weeks, your newsfeed has been inundated with inside jokes from other schools? Well, guess what? Someone has finally started a Skidmore Memes┬ápage. I guess this was inevitable.


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  1. Roscoe Nonies says:

    Dear god no. Stop this shit, now. Nothing screams modern-day misery more than overused meta-humor centered around gradually more narrow topics. You are killing the internet, you are killing comedy, you are killing the spirit of a creative educational experience for young adults in the 21st century. I understand every other school has done it. I also understand you desperately want people to think you are funny. However, it does not logically follow that you should resort to cliche image macros with Skidmore-specific captions as a means to adequately express your desires for artistic validation. There should be some understanding at an institution of this nature that creativity will never come from incessant milking of once-fresh and moderately funny online meme. Of course, the word ‘meme’ has become so distorted it’s unrecognizable next to its original online definition: a humorous vehicle in which concepts and ideas shared by people living in the online age can be expressed in simple manners. Now it’s just a framework for a) young adults who have no legitimate artistic medium to make a statement with or b) middle schoolers who just discovered Led Zeppelin who like to complain about how Justin Bieber is bad.
    This is the death of the meme. Let’s move on with a smile.

  2. Yeah says:

    All art with any potential mainstream appeal eventually slides down the same maturity totem pole, starting at a concise target audience and gradually morphing into a bland self-parody parading itself as the new trend for the braindead masses. The fad of college-specific memes is just feeding time for the thoughtless plebeians who crave inside jokes in order to feel special. I wish I could expect more from Skidmore’s sense of humor, but then again, some people here think the Ad-Libs are funny.

  3. Forshame! says:

    I hope I don’t meet any of you commenters in real life. This is what’s wrong with society today. Everyone has to be better or more artistic or more creative. Why can’t we just take a break from our stressful lives and have a quick laugh. What’s so horrible about that? How dare we be too mainstream! Oh the agony.

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