Find Clean Energy, Clean Jobs and Clean Love at NEEF

Written by Bruce on February 7th, 2012

The future!

This is big – perhaps the biggest thing to happen in the Saratoga region since Hattie’s threw Bobby Flay right back down on his chi-faux-tle arse. Three of your classmates have organized the New Energy Economy Forum (NEEF) to do a couple things :

  1. help you learn how to build your professional network and make the most of it
  2. bring Rolling Stone contributor and best-selling author Jeff Goodell to talk about yucky coal and sexy alternatives
  3. teach yall about clean energy, how to pay for it, how to GET PAID to work with it, and to bring in industry experts for you to chat with

Do I smell ‘get a job making green by working with green energy?’ Yes son, I do.┬áRegister at the website –┬áit’s easy, free, non-binding, and open to the public.

Feb 15th, 7:00pm @ Bolton 280 – Career Services Workshop
Feb 16th, 7:00pm @ Gannett – Jeff Goodell lecture
Feb 17th, 12:00noon @ Gannett – NEEF panels and networking

All the above info, in propaganda form.


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