Skidmore Students Politically Apathetic or Whatever

Written by Rowley on November 18th, 2011

According to a recent article in The┬áSkidmore News, students on campus are pushing dangerous levels of not giving a shit. In the recent November 8 local elections, only forty of the hundreds of registered voters on campus showed up to the polls. Skidmore Democrats president Bryn Schockmel ’12 attributed the low turnout to a “general apathetic view of local town politics,” adding that “some students believe Saratoga Policy has little effect on their daily lives.” What a bunch of goddamn layabouts we all are.

But seriously! Overlooking the fact that “voter apathy” is a staggeringly vague and broad term that gets thrown around a lot and doesn’t really mean anything, on a city scale, these numbers are definitely a little disheartening. Of the 18,200 registered voters, only 6,373 voted last week, which indicates a widespread problem in the county, beyond Skidmore.


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  1. someone says:

    yeah but the point is that college kids are supposed to be one of the most politically active groups. if they are not active then who is? i mean local elections in college towns do not have much of an impact on students, or at least that is the general consensus, but still 43 out of 2500 is a pretty sad turnout.

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