Local News: Tasteless Halloween Costume Turns Heads

Written by Rowley on October 31st, 2011

SCRIBNER VILLAGE—Sources close to Mitchell Antonelli ’13, claim that the junior’s tasteless Halloween costume was “a big hit” at a Scribner party on Saturday night. Dressed as zombie Muammar Qaddafi, Antonelli was reportedly greeted at the door with shouts of recognition and uproarious laughter.

“That’s just classic Mitch,” said Steve Morton ’12. “He’s always pushing the limits of comedy and being a total goof about it.”

Morton later added that, while he thought that Antonelli’s Michael Vick costume from last year was edgy, zombie Qaddafi “really blew that one out of the water.”

Emily Schmidt ’13, was later overheard praising Antonelli’s costume ideas to a group of friends. “They’re always so topical and funny! How such a clever, witty guy remains single is totally beyond me.”

Antonelli, however, remained optimistic. “I think this is definitely going to be the year that the student population recognizes my comic genius,” he said. “I just know that girls will want to hook up with me when they see my hilarious costume.”


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    yo dude do you like the onion? it’s this really good satirical newspaper that writes just like you

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