Protest Keystone XL Pipeline at Obama’s House – Quick Info Meeting This Sunday

Written by Bruce on October 29th, 2011

Yeah, it's apocalyptic on purpose

The Keystone XL Pipeline is probably the new biggest threat to our health and lands, and if built, global warming will have won. However, farmers, Native Americans, social justice activists and dejected environmentalists like myself are pumped that the final decision on whether or not to build this monster rests solely with OBAMA. The idea is that because he ran for office and promised to help Americans by helping the environment, and because Congress won’t be an obstacle this time, and because we were super enthusiastic voters that got him elected last time around, he might actually listen to reason and deny the thing.

Bill McKibben, the environmentalist author who came to speak last year and who got everyone all riled up, well he’s the guy who has put this together. So if you were looking for some way to make a difference, this is it: on NOV 6th, one year before the election, thousands of people are going to encircle the White House and ask for some backbone out of the the President. It’s going to be beautiful.

Skidmore is being fabulous and paying for transportation, so that makes it easier, huh?

Check out the full SkidNews article here.

Info Meeting – necessary if you are planning to go on the Skidmore bus:
Sunday 10/30 – 4:00pm @ Gannett
OR contact Margot @

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