Through the Rabbit Hole: Student Choreography & Flexibility

Written by Bruce on October 18th, 2011

I really like watching dance performances at Skidmore, but I also really hate being reminded that people are capable of stretching and touching their toes – hey, jealousy. Thankfully, the desire to see the human form in artistic suspension usually wins out over insecurities about my useless hamstrings. That’s good, because┬áSabrina Lumbert ’12 and Emily Pacilio ’12 have worked really hard to choreograph two original dance pieces, and a bunch of their limber and emotive peers will be performing those pieces this weekend. It’s free, it’s fresh, it’s local, it’s organic, you’ll love it.

Two showings:
Friday Oct 21st – 8:00pm @ The Tang’s Payne Room (doors at 7:15)
Saturday Oct 22nd – 8:00pm @ The Tang’s Payne Room (doors at 7:15)




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