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Written by Rowley on October 10th, 2011

Earlier today, we received an interesting email from a freshman asking Skidmore Unofficial to plug his Administration-sponsored/subsidized blog. Enjoy and take from it what you will.

More importantly, how long has the School been paying kids to blog for them? Did anybody else know about this? I didn’t, but it’s admittedly pretty funny. They seem to be directed at prospective students looking for a “candid take on Skidmore.” Here’s the tagline:

Wondering what it’s really like to go to Skidmore College? What the classes are like, what there is to do outside of class, what students like? Here’s your chance to connect to a Skidmore student! Find out from current students and members of Skidmore community what life is like here on campus.

I can only imagine the things these guys can’t say on their blogs. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they were actually honest? For example:

  • “Ate dinner at D-Hall and had to sit on the toilet for eight whole hours afterwards :(“
  • “I spent fourteen dollars on laundry in Wilmarth, and my clothes are still soaking wet/smell like a carcass.”
  • “Campo busted down our door like the DEA and everyone got written up for being in the same room as a six-pack :(“
  • “On the frigid walk to class today, my genitals crystallized and shattered into a thousand icy shards.”
  • “I’ve exhausted all of my upperclassmen/Scribner Seminar contacts, and I still can’t find anything to do tonight. Better break out Seinfeld and cry myself to sleep ;)”
Regardless of how you feel about this endeavor, I urge you to check out Bob Carlton’s SkidShop tumblr if you’re not a fan already. I’ll plug the shit out of it all day, because it’s consistently hilarious and informative, and acts as a breath of fresh air from the usual Skidmore Propaganda.

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  1. j says:

    I just read a bunch of these student-to-student blog posts and I have to say:
    talk about propaganda. just. wow. complete bullshit.
    if you wanna know what skidmore is like read this handy freshman orientation guide.

  2. Molly O says:

    Hey j, I don’t know about “complete bullshit.” Mostly I just blog about good shit that happens at Skidmore, because I dig this college and don’t mind getting paid to write things that would make prospective students want to come here. The Student-to-Student blogs and Skidmore Unofficial are just two different takes. Different blogs for different folks. Thanks for reading though!

  3. j says:

    sorry Molly O, I actually thought yours was pretty cool.
    I was in a cranky mood.

  4. kevib says:

    Oh, how nice.

  5. Molly O says:

    No worries. Just wanted to explain m’self a bit more.

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