Skid News on the Ups

Written by Rowley on October 10th, 2011

Intrepid student journalists hard at work!

If anybody’s in the right frame of mind to be amused/distracted for a few minutes on this dour Sunday night, I suggest reading Kevin Kerrane’s column “Stories I Never Quite Finished” on the Skidmore News site. It’s smart, charming, and funny, in a New- Yorker or McSweeney’s kind of way.

This new feature seems indicative of a recent upward trend for the Skidmore News. Ever since the old girl went digital, I’ve seen a higher standard of journalism, better writing, and more interesting articles in general.

So mazel tov, Skid News! Looks like that new media gamble is more or less paying off. Don’t get a big head, though. I’m still trying to manufacture an East Coast/West Coast-style rivalry between our two organizations, one that will probably end in a hail of diss tracks, gunfire, and posthumous releases.


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  1. We’ve got an Android app dropping in two weeks and iPhone shortly after. Watch for it.

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