It Takes A (Do)Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

Written by Executive Editor on October 26th, 2008

Following in the footsteps of both Mads Vassar and Wesleying, Skidmore Unofficial took some time to snoop around check out which Skidmore professors have been tossing money into the coffers of our national parties. With the integrity of the candidate in mind, campaign donations over two hundred dollars are made public and make for some interesting Sunday afternoon reading/borderline privacy invasion. Huffington Post’s Fundrace ’08 allows you to search campaign contributions by name, address, and employer; and surprise surprise Skidmore professors seem to be pennying up for change. A national search of the occupation “professor” brings up a pretty large—but fairly predictable—discrepancy, with fewer than one million dollars being donated to the Republican Party and close to fourteen million to the DNC.

Bored in the library? Use Fundrace to see which candidates the parents of your friends support (more fun than it looks).


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