New SkidTV Show to Premiere on Channel 16 Tonight @ 10

Written by ThivNav on September 21st, 2011
good times, good times

This isn't it, but you know what I mean.

“Don’t Question It,” Skidmore’s newest sitcom, is about “[sophomore] college students David, Nate, Aidan, and Lowell [who] are forced to deal with a less than likable RA.” While this detailed abstract I received sounds promising and original, it is only the tip of the iceberg that is new SkidTV content this year. I haven’t previewed the show myself or else I would let you know if I think it’s sexist or not, but it’s a Wednesday and you’ll probably be doing homework anyway so why not put that TV you made your parents lug up here to use and turn on SkidTV (Channel 16) at 10 PM tonight.

I’d like to remind our readers at this time that SkidTV wants to help you create and broadcast original content, and we film and broadcast many lectures and events throughout the year as well. If you get nothing else out of watching the new sitcom tonight, at least let it remind you that you are totally capable of creating a television show too. We’ll put it up on the channel and then channel-surfing students expecting to find a lava lamp will be pleasantly surprised to see your face on their screen. “How’d you get in my cartoons box?” they’ll ponder. “I thought it was only for famous people!” Entranced, they’ll continue to watch your show and find that it tickles them on an intimate level, and wow are they impressed at your hilarity and wit and talent as an actor. Later they’ll see you in D-Hall and think, “Oh god, there he is, that kid from that thing! Look at what he’s eating! I’m gonna get the same!” Later still they’ll see you at a party and at this point have gathered the courage as a result of responsible alcohol intake to approach you.  They stumble over to you and you watch them trip over their own feet and as they fall to the floor you can hear the descendo of their voice tell you: “I watched your show, I think it’s kinda funnyyy…”

SkidTV meetings are Tuesdays at 9 on the second floor of Media Services. If you’d liked to be added to the mailing list please email Michael Forbes at Yes we have a green screen and Yes we want you to use it.



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