Dizzy Peoples Are Zombies!

Written by Bruce on September 18th, 2011

So you can say 'I knew them when'

And by that by we mean they have returned, this time with a podcast on iTunes called ‘Dizzy Peoples Radio‘.

Self-proclaimed as “Skidmore’s favorite graduated comedy group” and endorsed by us here at SkidmoreUnofficial.com, these fellas have been filming hilarious sketches for a while now.  They make the kind of hilarious videos that you might have once tried to make with your friends, but that you abandoned after realizing how much time and effort it would take to make it actually funny. Thankfully they see theirs through!

They’re broadcasting from LA, which means they’re this close to making it, and probably explains the concept behind this latest video by fellow comedy group Younger Statesmen (that’s right, you get a bonus comedy group suggestion!). Check out Dizzy Peoples video archives at their website and have some laughs (hint: they were dead the whole time!).


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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for posting, guys! We’ll have another one up in the next couple of days. Just to let you know, the sketch you linked, “Actor Hunters,” is by the Younger Statesman. We posted it because Matt Chester of that group was on our podcast.

    So how’s the weather and horses?

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