Crisis Forum: The Mysteries of the Meltdown

Written by Executive Editor on October 26th, 2008

Albany’s most popular business news daily, the fascinating “Business Review,” reports that Skidmore will be hosting a forum on the recent economic tailspin we have all been so successfully ignoring. And while it may be nice in our beautiful autumn bubble, Wall Street is shitting its pants. The last available figures of our endowment show it shrinking 10-20%. So yeah…take the next few days to indulge because once this news breaks we’re all going to have to make some tragic sacrifices–no humus from the Spa and maybe even no more dinners at Max London’s

The forum, moderated by Skidmore professor Pushkala Prasad, will feature Adirondack Trust CEO Charles Wait, the Chief Investment Officer of Martello Investment Management, and Skidmore professors, Paul Calhoun and Roy Rotheim. Whether you’ll be attending to scare yourself into frugality, or looking for some economics extra credit, show up at JKB (still without geothermal heating) on October 28th at 5:30 for whats sure to be a wonderful time.


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