A Blog Post In Which I Say My Goodbyes

Written by Executive Editor on May 24th, 2011

As legend has it, it was about three years ago that Alex, Jeremiah and I decided to start this website and make fun of Skidmore on the internet, but alas, 1,281 posts of varying success later, it seems our time has come.

At this point I’ve done my fair share of nose-thumbing, fun-making, event-promoting and bullying, so with this, my last post as Executive Editor of SkidmoreUnofficial.com & Co. LLC (tear), I just want to say that it was a privilege, a trial, and an honor to promote your events, water the grapevine, arouse the commenters, and rake a little muck on to the immaculate, brochure-cover lawns of our tiny college. Obviously.

Moreover, I want to say Thank You. Thank you to all of you that—for a reason still somewhat baffling to me—took the time to read the sentences I wrote about accapella or SGA elections or WSPN concerts or whatever. It still astonishes me that 1,000 of you (on a campus of 2,500 no less) checked this collection of shoddy craftsmanship every day, and for the twisted, assholeish confidence that has given me I am forever indebted. Thank you to AOLNews.com and AllOverAlbany.com and The Times Union and The Post-Star and the Saratogain and everyone else that ever ignored their better judgment and linked to a story we wrote in a legitimate news source. Thank you to Rochelle Calhoun for not charging us with violating the Honor Code when she had the chance. Thank you to Robin Adams and Bob Carlton for being generally awesome and legitimately interested in Skidmore Students enjoying themselves. And thank you to Alex and Jerry.

I wish I had some advice to give you, but I’m probably not the right person for that. Jeez. Oy vey. Uh, I guess I could say that, if you’re not loving college right now, you should know that it doesn’t really get “better” but that you do get better at it—much, much better at it. Four years later I am still scared to speak in class and show up at parties, but nowhere near as terrified as I was Freshman year. Improvements!

Of course I will miss every single one of you, and this blog that I now truly love. This doesn’t have to be goodbye forever however, I can be found other places on the internet (Jeremiah too) and of course I’ll be visiting or something. Maybe.

The future of Skidmore Unofficial is still unknown, so poke in for updates periodically if you’re bored.

This has been fun and somewhat overwrought but I hope we all learned something.  Good luck, good riddance, congratulations to the Class of 2011 and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Have fun, do good, do well, dance like nobody is watching, stir the pot and do every single thing you possibly can. This was never not worth it.

Kevin Sweeting
Skidmore College Class of 2011
Co-founder and Executive Editor – SkidmoreUnofficial.com


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  1. derpyderp says:

    Very nice, Kevin. Very touching. Mazel tov again, and good luck. I’m sure I’ll see you this summer.

  2. poop says:

    yes, it’s true, i feel touched.

  3. Gordon says:


    I see some parallels. Great job guys.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for the great site, good luck to you

  5. Chris says:

    Also no idea how my face got attached to that. creepy shit

  6. Alfred Hitchcock says:

    Kevin, Photoshopping your junk for the SkidNews cover will forever haunt my dreams. Good luck to you, sir.

  7. Gargoyle says:

    This site is BURNT. D-HALL. TOAST.

  8. lonelygrad says:

    for some reason i keep on coming back to the website to see if there is a new post…ahh, the sad life of a college unemployed grad.

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