The Element Fashion Show

Written by Executive Editor on April 15th, 2011

The Annual Element Fashion Show is this Friday at 6pm in The Small Gym and you should attend because a.) nothing else worthwhile ever happens at 6pm on a Friday and b.) the show features work from 20 Skidmore designers and alum Alyssa Moore ’07 from the Nomi Network and chances are at least one of them will reach some level of, at least modest, fame one day and then you will be able to say you’ve been “a fan of their work since the beginning.”

I think I read somewhere once that Skidmore is a “fashion-forward campus” and while I’m not entirely sure what that means I think it is worth mentioning in a post about a Fashion Show. SKIDMORE!

Tickets for the event are on sale all week in Case Center and will set you back a cool 5 beans. If you continue to be a lazy piece of shit and wait to buy your ticket at the door it is going to cost you $7 so I guess try and buy one beforehand. DUH.



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