ComFest Fundraiser: Smells Like ASS

Written by Executive Editor on January 27th, 2011

The secret to a successful social life and sexual experience is to always be funny. In today’s competitive friendship market if you don’t have a hilarious joke ready at every moment you are doomed to a life of solitude and tearful masturbation.

Research has shown that most of you are fully capable of making a passable joke, the rest of you however could benefit from studying some more experienced players. Luckily college comedy titans Ad-libs, Skidomedy, Sketchies are hosting a fundraiser for the annual College Comedy Festival this Saturday, providing you with the perfect opportunity to study up.

There is a $2 dollar suggested donation at the door so bring your singles. I know that $2 is 4/5 of a 40oz and times are tough but rest easy knowing that your donation is helping to support ComFest, the largest and most in-chargest college comedy festival in the world. Those two bucks also give you access to raffles and prizes and good times.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity on thefacebook.


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