Library Sprouts New Coffee Shop

Written by Executive Editor on January 10th, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, behind these frustratingly opaque sheets of plastic sits the new home of the Scribner Library Café. Workers in the Library and at Dining Services confirm that the new on-campus coffee shop is slated to open at the start of classes.

The new café, run by Dining Services and staffed initially by students, is still very much in the construction stages and occupies the space that formerly housed the library’s copy and fax machines (LOL 2004). At press time (I’ve always wanted to say that) the new space stands gutted and seems to be receiving the requisite plumbing and electric upgrades.

The new café will provide students with coffee and the further opportunity to stress about whether or not to make small talk with the people you kind of recognize while standing in line for a muffin.


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  1. Exodus! says:

    Productivity and studiousness has always been feared – let us move to the 2nd floor, scholars.

  2. Well, fuck it says:

    I’m not going abroad anymore.

  3. Vomit says:

    Let’s hope they serve something different than green mountain coffee

    I’d even settle for chock full of nuts rather than that piss water

  4. This is stupid. says:

    Not only is this placed in the most inconvenient spot (now I have to push through people to get past the entrance) but the last thing Skidmore should be doing is encouraging student to go to the library. This campus is over-crowded as it is, and the library is already a horrendous place to study now. Do we need another freshmen cow-herd gathering place?

    • NO YOU says:

      party pooper.

    • Exodus! says:

      When did they ask us if we indeed wanted a second coffee shop in our library? I don’t remember a poll or email, and I’m one of those nerds who reads the Student Digest emails.

      Burgess is a whopping 38 seconds west of the library, and fresh air makes for a good study break.

      • annoyed says:

        I completely agree! I consider those 38 seconds walking west a lovely study break from the awfully overcrowded library…and great job putting it right inside the entrance…you’re really showing your smarts with this one, dining services.

  5. wtf says:

    this is a horrible idea. i don’t remember being asked about this. the first floor is already pretty loud and inconvenient to study in, now we have to sit and listen to the sounds of blenders and coffee brewers? what is skidmore thinking?! this is going to make the first floor library a hangout place. the library is over crowded as it is! walk to burgess people, it’s really not that difficult.

    • wtf says:

      also, where are the copiers going now? some obsolete corner of the basement? sweet.

      • Adeline Adeline says:

        Please learn how to use the word obsolete.

        A corner of a room cannot be ‘obsolete.’ Even if by some failure of language a corner of a room could be described that way putting a bunch of copiers in them would make them no longer obsolete.


  6. chill, brah says:

    It’s not like they’re closing Burgess down guys, you can still freeze your asses off for 38 seconds if you feel so inclined. Also the entrance is about the least obtrusive place it could have gone in the whole building, both space and noise-wise. If you’re still upset about the cafe in March go find a window seat on the third floor and write shitty poetry about the chaos down below, meanwhile I’ll be enjoying my easy-access tea water and fair-trade coffee.

  7. haha says:

    Some people will complain about anything.

  8. lol says:

    seriously what’s wrong with you people, it’s just a coffee shop. there are 3 other floors you can study on and burgess will still be there. also, overcrowding? really? nobody is going to go to this cafe over burgess unless they are already in the library so calm the F down

  9. PositivePedro says:

    I think it’s a splendid idea. The first floor is already such a hub– why not make it even more social? GMC is delicious, don’t knock it. Maybe we can smoke cigs outside of it too!

  10. Fact Checker says:

    Is anyone on campus right now? 38 seconds sounds made up to me, somebody should check it.

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