How To Forward Your New Skidmore Email To Gmail: A Simple Tutorial

Written by Executive Editor on January 5th, 2011

Do you think Skidmore’s new, hosted email client is beautiful and all that but wish you didn’t need to keep separate inboxes for school and personal emails? Have you been using Gmail since the Stone Age and because of some unfortunate events in your childhood find yourself incredibly anxious when confronted with the possibility of change? Do your eyes water up after only four seconds looking at Outlook’s unfortunate golden/yellow color scheme? Are you entering your third week of winter break and so bored you’ll spend the next 5 minutes doing ANYTHING? Follow along!

What you will need:
1 computer
1 @GMail account
1 account
1 beer

I’ve been forwarding my Skidmore emails to my Gmail account since before you were born and the shitty thing has always been that in the past when I wanted to reply to a Skidmore email I would need to type in all the addresses by hand because simply clicking ‘Reply’ would annoyingly only direct the massage back to my account. This was particularly annoying on my Blackberry (being this privileged is HARD!!!).
For a long time this ‘reply’ glitch was the perfect excuse for never responding to anyone’s emails but I guess now I need to grow up because the new Windows Live emails have fixed this problem. When you click reply in GMail it will direct all of your emails to the correct recipient.

Step one:
We are going to make a ‘Inbox Rule’ that will forward all of your emails to your GMail account and then delete them from Skidmore’s servers to save storage room. Go ahead and login into the new Skidmore @Live Mail thingy. Everyone has had their accounts migrated so all you’ll need to do is make your way over to and login using and your password.

Step two:
Once safely inside take a moment to appreciate the incredible evolutionary distance your Skidmore email client has traveled over the past few days, this will probably be the last time you visit this website so it is only polite to pay your respects. Click the little ‘Options’ button in the upper right hand corner.

Step three:
Once inside the Options panel you will probably want to change your ‘Display Name.’ Your display name is the name that shows up in the ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields and in other people’s ‘Address Book’ so make sure you change it to your real name or something really hilarious. Click ‘Save’ (duh).

Step four:
After you’ve changed your display name click on “Forward your mail using Inbox rules” over on the screens right side. Click “New…” In the first drop down menu select ‘Apply To All Messages’ in the second select ‘Redirect the message to…” and enter your @GMail address at the bottom of the popup window that should immediately appear.

Step five:
Click ‘More Options’ and then ‘Add Action.’ In this final drop down menu tell the program to delete all messages after they have been forwarded to your GMail. This final step is just to keep your Skidmore inbox from filling up and rejecting any incoming messages.

Step six:
Click the little ‘Save’ button at the bottom. Crack the beer and have your little sister email you to make sure it works.


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  1. J says:

    hey, it worked! But just a heads up, the windows live mail client options panel does not show up at all if you are using Chrome as your browser. I used Safari and it worked fine.

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