The End Of An Error

Written by Executive Editor on January 4th, 2011

Last night as I most-responsibly sipped organic, locally brewed, beer from a unionized brewery/sustainable neighborhood redevelopment project a fellow Skidmore student came up to me and said “Executive Editor, when will Skidmore switch from the old outdated email client to the new hosted system with  a greatly improved user-interface, better functionality, and additional services?” Which is not a question I was even a little bit able to answer.

It turns out the answer to that question is today (Tuesday Jan. 4th) at noon. A bit of a surprise no? You see, in their infinite the IT department sent out the notification email today at 11:48am, a generous 12 minutes before the grand event. I can’t really tell if I care enough about access to my Skidmore emails to be offended by this. Actually, I just thought about it and I don’t care enough about access to my Skidmore emails to be offended by that.

There isn’t going to be a ceremony or anything. I guess if you get boners from email or whatever you should login and poke around. You’re going to use and your old familiar password. Nothing fancy really.

In a few minutes (after I have a few more cups of organic, freshly roasted, fair trade coffee and a low fat scone) I’ll login and we can all email and instant message back and forth about what I should buy with the Urban Outiftters gift card my uncle gave me.

UPDATE: I am unable to login. This does not really worry me because, at the moment, accessing my Skidmore Email account ranks surprisingly low on my interest gradient (above clipping my toenails but below feeding the cats). I guess I’ll try again in a few minutes or something if I can muster up the energy to care.

UPDATE UPDATE: “You will know that you can log into the new server when you receive a last message in your old mail that says essentially, “You’ve been migrated. Please start checking for new mail at” There it is, straight from the horse’s mouth.


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