SkidmoreNewsNetwork in Pre-Production

Written by Executive Editor on October 24th, 2010

first years?

Rachel Kim ’13 writes in to let us know about a new satirical SkidTV news show called SkidmoreNewsNetwork—currently in pre-production. Students interested in writing headlines or skits for the show should email rkim1@skid. In her email Kim repeatedly assured me that the show will resemble an Onion, which I don’t really understand. Perhaps she meant it will be very layered and probably make you cry.

I usually don’t really like helping people with things but I’ve appended a list of possible headlines I just thought up with my brain. Please remember that this is my intellectual property and if you use it without properly crediting me I will sue you like those twins from The Social Network.

Campus Apathy Reaches

Asshole Student Raised By Asshole Parents

Kid With Glasses References Poem

Burgess Café Satisfies First Customer

Breaking News: SkidTV Still Exists

South Quad Secedes!

Housemates Remain In Peace Talks Over Missing Goat Cheese

Hundreds Observe Halloween Tradition of Losing Cellphone, Wallet, Keys, Virginity

New Evidence Suggests Roommate May Not Have Been Watching ‘Family Guy’

Ambitious New Satirical News Show Abandoned After Creators Faced With Reality Of Homework


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