Prudes At Make-A-Wish Reject Charity, Possibly Crazy

Written by Executive Editor on December 8th, 2009
Skidmore Spur On NBC Local News

It seems that despite Skidmore’s best efforts, wishes will go unanswered this holiday season. In a surprisingly priggish move, the upstanding citizens1 at Make-A-Wish foundation have rejected the Skidmore Photography Club’s donation of the profits from the Skidmore Spur Calendar, explaining that it would be “inappropriate” for them to accept the contribution.

The calendar, which features semi-nude Skidmore students in barely risque poses, was expected to raise as much as 5,000 dollars. The Photography Club is already looking for a replacement charity—one that will hopefully be more interested in helping people than pretending genitals don’t exist.

Just a word of advice for the Make-A-Wish Foundation: if a bunch of college students want to give you a bunch of money you should accept, even if they showed some pubic hair to get it.

1Dear Old People, I’m using this in the most pejorative sense.

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  1. American Movie Classics says:

    LOL @ Conservatives

  2. Jeremiah Budin says:

    I am a prophet:

    Oh Old People, you’re so predictable.

  3. Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 amirite?

  4. Sweet Dee says:

    Keith Petri is so hot

  5. scott daly says:

    i run a fund-raising golf tournament for st peters als regional center in my dads memory and we could use all the financial help we can get as a majority of services provided by the center are done free of charge. please call me at my office #377-2236 or cell#3390491.

  6. lulz says:

    I don’t see the problem. Pocket the money and do it again next year.

  7. ks says:

    perhaps when considering how they would raise the funds, the photo club should have tried to align itself with the values of their chosen foundation… just saying consider your audience.

  8. An old guy says:

    @Executive Editor: some of us are trustworthy, but since you’re playing percentages, youarerite.

    Unbelievably dumb and prudish move on Make a Wish’s part.

    someone you shouldn’t trust

  9. Old Lady says:

    Y’know … for a school that prides itself on their “art” programs – let’s be honest, this calendar wasn’t even very well done. (Art school grad here.) Provocative? Sure. Art? Um, no. Grat opportunity to bash a wonderful organization, though. Congrats on your collective maturity, Skidmore.

    Signed – an old fart

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