Jeremy Cone’s Beer Pong Trilogy Premier

Written by Executive Editor on November 12th, 2009
beer pong getting there.1Like Gilgamesh, but with more Keystone

Jeremy Cone, the enigmatic figure behind masterpieces like Facebook the Musical, Down the Middle and The Sketchies, will be premiering his newest work at 8pm in Gannett this Friday.

The film, Beer Pong Trilogy: The Untapped Poetic Brilliance of Bobby “B” Zaplatsky, is an epic poem (in rhyming verse) about one college night and the many characters weaving their ways through it all trying to be heroes.

Not more than seven seconds after the ball landed in the cup
did my boy Jimmy Sparks call to me “Yo dude, we’re up…”

So begins “Beer Pong Trilogy: The Untapped Poetic Brilliance Of Bobby “B” Zaplatsky. An epic poem about life, loss, love and Beer Pong written and directed by Jeremy Cone ( ’09) and filmed by Brian Petchers (’10)

There’s also a pact with God, unrequited love, savage love, a quest, destiny, musical theater, an elusive keg, sports, innocence, burned bridges, an abandoned child, death, glory, a fight, longing, youth, surrender of childhood, the art of being a tool, a fight, blood, being a hero, a holy book, and more.

I’m fairly confident that you haven’t seen anything like this before. See you Friday night at 8pm? (fbook)


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