Skidmore News Joints List of Funniest Satirical College Newspapers Ever!

Written by Executive Editor on March 9th, 2017

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Today, we would like to congratulate The Skidmore News on their recent article entitled, “La La Land Joins List of Oscar Robberies.” Dripping with wit, it is just another cherry on top of their stellar record of producing hilarious and poignant satirical news coverage and editorials. Skid News goes to new lengths with its comedy, taking on the character of a real college newspaper run by wealthy, white children, commenting authoritatively on matters of race, gender and politics that it knows not a thing about. A particularly funny part of the Oscars article came when the writer criticized the best picture winner, Moonlight, for “the sheer number of societal issues brought up in the film,” which “caused each one to receive less detail than they deserved.” The newspapers’ satirical take on young privileged white people pretending that they know the reality of growing up black and poor and taking it upon themselves to critique a film starring, written by, and directed by black people for how well it represents societal issues was KNEE-SLAPPING COMEDY. Once again, I commend…

Hold on…

…It’s not a satirical newspaper?

…Those were all real opinions and real reporting?

Wow. That Sucks.


Read this absolute garbage here


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