SEC Presents: Camper and (some) HAP

Written by hangnail on February 2nd, 2016

Hold onto your hats (or maybe more importantly, your pants… Lookin’ at you seniors), Skidmore. This Saturday, both Camper and two members of HAP are going to be coming through Falstaffs at 8pm. This is fucking great news.

Jake, Stephen, and Eli of Camper

Jake, Stephen, and Eli of Camper

Underclassmen (and seniors who lived under a rock freshmen year): Both Camper and HAP are bands made up of Skidmore alumni. They also set very high expectations for good music and fun for our college careers in 2013.

Here is a min-interview with Camper members Eli Dreÿfus, Jake Mazur-Warren, and Stephen Yell to talk about their new album, Stop Breathing Like That.

SU: When and how did the three of you get together at Skidmore?

Eli: Oh snap! Uhhh, me and Jake played music together in high school… Me and Stephen met on the roof of the Tang on the last night of Pre-O. We just talked about chord progressions and food for so many hours together playing music became a no-brainer. We played in a bunch of bands together before Camper. You can NEVER have too many bands.

Jake: Stephen and I met freshman year when we were both bright-eyed and bushy browed… Outside of Penfield he whispered to me the secret to being his friend (ask him if you want more details), and our eyes just got brighter from there. Also our brows got bushier.

Stephen: I met these guys freshman year. We’ve been in a ton of bands together since then, and they’re two of my greatest friends in the universe.

SU: Which professors are you hoping will make it to the show?

Eli: In my wildest dreams, Jumpin’ Joel Smith, Deb “negative space” Hall, and Anthony “cancer-blaster” Holland would make it to the show.  More realistically, if Flip Philips DOESN’T show up then why did we even come back?!

SU: How would you describe your sound/style?

Eli: When my mom’s friends ask me what kind of music I play, I say that it’s fast and loud and happy.  What I don’t tell them is that it’s also RAW AF—mom friends can’t handle that kind of truth.

Jake: Garage pop! Frantic and high-energy.

Stephen: It’s pretty emotional and cathartic (at least for us), in a fast-catchy-frantic sort of way.

SU: What made you decide to get together and do another album?

Eli: Okay well we had already *written* this record before recording it became a real conversation… Then I moved to New York and that sorta left us at a crossroads: either we don’t record the album, slowly lose touch with each other, and die in a hole, or we do record the album and stay best friends forever.

Jake: Camper has always been about fun live music that makes people happy and makes them move. We tried to capture those feelings on this album, and are really proud of it, but for us there’s nothing that quite compares to playing our songs together live. Now we get to have both!

Stephen: When Eli moved to New York, we knew it was gonna be tough to keep things moving. I’m really glad we we’re able to make it work. It shows how much we all love the band. Working on this album was a great excuse for us all to hang out and stay in touch… We had a blast making it.

SU: How is this album similar to/different from your music from a few years ago?

Eli: At Camper practice, we say, “The best kinds of songs are really really loud and really really fast.” We put out some music in college that was ~pretty~ loud and ~decently~ fast, but I think all three of us believed that we could top ourselves.  It’s hard to stop writing songs when you keep having feelings all the damn time.

SU: How much of your decision to come back on the 6th was influenced by Chowderfest?

Jake: Well people who know us know that there are few things that make us happier than being up to our elbows in chowder. Let’s just say we aren’t complaining about our first show back at Skidmore falling on our favorite Saratoga holiday. You’ll definitely find us out on the streets Saturday inhaling chowder – I know I won’t be holding back… I’m putting out my vote for Max London’s as winner this year. You heard it here!

Stephen: We actually come to Chowderfest every year. It’s one of our favorite Saratoga traditions. We’re big fans of chowder.

There you have it, folks. In addition, Ned Porter and Sam Smith of HAP will be opening. Lots to look forward to.

Where: Falstaffs

When: Saturday (2/6) at 8pm


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