December Weather Report: It’s A Bit Warm Out, No?

Written by Executive Editor on December 15th, 2015


Checkup: Ode to Global Warming

A routine medical checkup assumes that you care about your general health. Casually glancing at your (Moleskine) planner indicates that you probably pay some form of attention to your studies. A cathartic vape inhale reminds you that you’re trying to cut out cigarettes. A wildly broad interpretation of the emotional state of Skidmore’s student population prompts you to take a few steps back – something we all need.

And while we all have individual experiences at school, we’re all here feeling the same thing. As in, we’re really not all that individual. We all wake up, stare at the brand name on our coffee cups [if you’re sustainable, it’s a coffee traders logo on a reusable mug and if you’re lazy it’s a weird mermaid Starbucks stamp], wonder why Skidmore has such a great reputation as a liberal arts institution, ask our parents for money, cringe at the sight of an iPhone 4, then resign ourselves to the sterile cold of the Lucy Scribner library.

Freshmen are worried about getting laid so that they can tell their friends about it. Sophomores are conflicted about whether or not to get into a “serious relationship.” Juniors are trying to get out of that wildly unsuccessful “serious relationship”(helpful hint: studying abroad is a literal ticket out). Seniors are still worried about getting laid so that they can tell their friends about it.

In a good way, the last month of the semester is a reminder that life here is cyclical — A gift of sorts. Because what’s college if your elders can’t relate with you over winter break? Time is apparently unkind.

If it makes you feel better, we all are in this together. We’re all part of the Skidmore army that gets scoffed at by the bitter baristas at Uncommon, troll Skidmore News comment sections, treks through the case walkway trenches. We fight our internal wars when we’re too stoned outside of a residency hall.

We all fit into this little niche, which is pretty fucking cool. Embrace its intricacies before you’re forced to tolerate them. So perk up, finish those finals. You’ll see the couch at home soon.

The umbrella emotion that this brief weather report exists to convey, consists of wondering why you find yourself in DA’s for the third night in a row, contradicting the conversation you just had with your friends about never going back. Well Skidmore College, I’m here to inform you that your four-year tenure is just that: another beer stain on the floor of DA’s. Yikes

One semester in the books.

EE 1

Freshman, this will all make more sense next semester when you realize school’s not “just like camp!”


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