Three Skidmore Students Hit by Drunk Driver

Written by rackcity on November 1st, 2015

Yesterday night, three Skidmore students were struck by a drunk driver on Clinton Street. Michael Hedges, a first-year student, has passed away while two other students, Toby Freeman and Oban Galbraith, remain in intensive care. President Glotzbach’s remarks can be found here. There will be a campus gathering at 8 p.m. tomorrow evening.

We extend our thoughts to the students and families involved, as well as to the entire Skidmore community.


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  1. James e. Williams says:

    please let all the indidviduals that my thoughts and prayers are for the families. I also would like to let someone know Tom Gorman, the driver was drunk at the saratoga elks club the night he drove. For some reason they are not being held responsible for serving a drunk who committed murder. Nthey have survalience cameras and someone should see them. It is because of Jim Murphy the judge and other so called officials are all me members of that club. Please let the family know they should pursue this. I didn’t know who else to contact. He was staggering drunk at 6 pm that night at the elks club. Thank you

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