Triple Threat Comedy and Auction

Written by hangnail on October 9th, 2015

Triple Threat Comedy and Auction

It’s the time of year again (specifically Friday, 9pm Gannett) when The Sketchies, The Ad-Libs and Skidomedy perform for your cash. Because as my dad always says, it’s not prostitution if someone’s laughing.

triple threat

Why? Because Comfest. Next to a summer class on Miley Cyrus, and a poo joke from Colbert, this is the only Skidmore event we’re actually proud to be famous for and with good reason. Besides curbing our crippling Seasonal Affect Disorder for a couple days, this February festival brings together college comedy groups from across the country as well as headlining acts like Tig Notaro, Harvard Sailing Team, UCB All-Stars, Derrick Comedy, Tim Meadows, I could go on, but the New York Times already has.

There’s a live auction after the performance where the comedians “get weird,” but don’t worry, we plebs get to get in on the laughs too. All the money goes to the festival and the auction is consistently pretty fun/ny.

Past auction items have included:

  • Shaving a comedian’s handlebar mustache
  • A phone call with a comedians mom
  • A comedian will make a scene at the time of your choosing
  • Singing telegram
  • Any two comedians making out (almost always two dudes, because apparently that’s funny)
  • And my personal favorite a $5 bill.

Word is they will be raffling off the very first ComFest weekend pass (usually valued at a whole $20.00 and sold out within hours of going on sale).

First three (as in triple, of triple threat) of the school’s comedy group’s will perform 10-15 minute sets.

In my experience, Skidomedy will probably serve up some high concept funny poop jokes. With a male majority, they have a sort of bro-ey cool kid vibe that tends to exhibit big characters and premises meant to show off their talented members more than their highly varied writing. Their most famous Triple Threat set included killing off one of their freshman members, and frankly I was as shocked as anyone that people cared about freshmen. MVP Set: Skidomedy Comfest 2014

The Adlibs, comprised mostly of Skidomedy members, is the only improv group featured on Friday. They always impress with quick witted one-liners, extremely attractive members (Skidmore Compliments knows what’s up) and a goofy wavelength of humor that they all seem to be on that we’re not, which is why we are not in the group, despite consistently adequate auditions. MVP set/only set available online for Adlibs: 2014 Comfest

Finally, we have The Sketchies, or as a drunk S.O. reviewer once put it “what fresh hell awaits us?” You’ve probably seen their all-black outfits and thought “why is a high school devised theater troupe is on our campus?” #showmanship. But their dark outfits are matched only by their darker comedy. This female majority group (in reverse ratio to Skidomedy—it’s not a competition but like Bridesmaids) usually starts sketches with with laaaydies lolling, but the Sketchies manage to pull unexpected punched and satirize gender and equality with vocal fry and grindlines—which are clearly more for them than they are for us. MVP Video: Cult Kickstarter

TL;DR Bring cash and go to Triple Threat. Drink until it’s funny Responsibly.


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