Salmagundi Magazine 50th Anniversary Conference This Weekend

Written by rackcity on September 24th, 2015

Executive Editor Peg Boyers and Founder/Editor-In-Chief Robert Boyers. Remember the late 70s/early 80s? I don’t.

Salmagundi Magazine is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. As such, Skidmore, along with the editors of Salmagundi, are hosting a conference this weekend titled, “Belief and Unbelief” featuring twenty-four notable writers and thinkers.

Formally, Salmagundi is a quarterly of the Humanities and Social Sciences that has published Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur Award fellows, Nobel laureates, and National Book Award winners and finalists. Informally, Salmagundi is a quarterly of the Humanities and Social Sciences that publishes work by writers you’ll never be as talented as, nor will you want to work hard enough to do so. This conference is a big deal. It’s also a great opportunity to Instagram a picture of James Wood eating a cube of cheese.

You’ll find the schedule and the list of speakers below. Author bios can be found on Salmagundi’s Tumblr.

Friday, September 25th

7 PM: “What Is Belief & What is the Fearful Unbelief?” (opening remarks by Marilynne Robinson followed by general discussion)

Saturday, September 26th

10.15 AM: “Prejudice, Fidelity & ‘Fidelities’” (opening remarks by Anthony Appiah followed by general discussion)

11.45 AM: “The Meaning of ‘Belief’ & ‘Sincerity’ in Literature”(opening remarks by James Wood followed by general discussion)

2.45 PM: “Bien-Pensant Liberalism, Relativism & Truth-Telling” (opening remarks by Jim Miller followed by general discussion)

4.45 PM: “Ideology As Belief: Dangers & Distortions” (opening remarks by Orlando Patterson followed by general discussion)

Sunday, September 27th

10.15 AM: “Realism, The Virtues & Belief in Public Life” (opening remarks by Seyla Benhabib followed by general discussion & audience questions for the entire panel)

Marilynne Robinson / Anthony Appiah / Mary Gordon / Orlando Patterson James Carroll / Seyla Benhabib / Akeel Bilgrami / James Wood /  Phillip Lopate / Jim Sleeper / Jim Miller / Rochelle Gurstein / David Steiner/ Honor Moore/ Jackson Lears/ Charles Molesworth / Terence Diggory/ Regina Janes / Barry Goldensohn / Lorrie Goldensohn / Peg Boyers/ Robert Boyers/ Tom Lewis/ Phillip Glotzbach

Big names, kiddos. Big names.


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