2015 Earth Day Music Festival (4/18)

Written by Major Qwik on April 17th, 2015
Fuck yeah, Earth!

Fuck yeah, Earth!

This year’s annual Earth Day Music Festival, sponsored by EAC, WSPN, SEC, and Lively Lucy’s, is this Saturday, April 18th, out on South Green. There will be food, including Chipotle (!!) and–most importantly–a killer lineup of bands. Here’s a quick breakdown:

12:00pm – Rim Joe and the Boys (Battle of the Bands winner!)
12:45pm – Modern Vices
1:45pm – Free Cake for Every Creature
2:15pm – Evolfo Doofeht
3:30pm – Quarterbacks
4:20pm – Future of What
5:15pm – TOPS
6:00pm – YACHT

Read on for band descriptions and videos!

YACHT – featured in the Project X soundtrack and on James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem)’s label. Easily the biggest name on the bill. Very strange but very fun electronic dance music.

TOPS – Montreal-based indie rock group who got a fair amount of press when one of their music videos featured Mac DeMarco’s balls. Very 80s influenced, mildly electronic but with a nice soft rock touch.

Future of What – Imagine if Frankie Cosmos made synthpop. Beautiful songs anchored by frontwoman Blair Gimma’s stellar voice. Super catchy yet minimalistic, not to be missed.

QUARTERBACKS – Another twee as fuck group. Their songs are short, raw pop-punk gems. They’ve gotten a lot of press for their latest self-titled release, including having said album premiered on NPR Music. Frontman Dean Engle is a total hottie, too.

Evolfo – Frequent flyers here at Skid, they’ve played here every year for the past four years. They’re always tons of fun and their gypsy-inspired funk complete with a respectable horn section will be sure to get you moving.

Free Cake For Every Creature – Philadelphia-based DIY indie pop group. Twee as fuck. Great songwriting and a pretty fun live show. Featuring Class of 2014 alums Katie Bennett, Francis Lyons, and Colin Manjoney.

Modern Vices – Self-described “dirty doo-wop” from Chicago. Fronted by Skidmore alum Alex Rebek.

Rim Joe and the Boys – the winner of this year’s Battle of the Bands. They have a song about Campo. I couldn’t make out the lyrics, but I’m sure it was very respectful.

Well, there you have it. Don’t miss out!


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  1. Not a Hipster says:

    Classic Skidmore club event. A bunch of random bands that 10% of the population is into. Way to make this even relatable for the other 90%.

    • Executive Editor says:

      Sorry, apparently Imagine Dragons had prior engagements that day.

    • dealbreaker jones says:

      Be glad that SEC got Chance the Rapper, that was an expensive show. Mainstream acts are super expensive, hence why events like this exist. We have only have a few thousand dollars, so we have to get cheaper acts. Plus, our rain location was the Spa, which means we can’t get a bigger act because not many people can fit in there. I understand your frustration, but realize that we could have chosen much more obscure acts than YACHT or TOPS.

    • also–– says:

      Instead of complaining about the bands, why don’t you try listening to them? Just because they’re not as well known doesn’t mean they’re not as good. You might even *gasp* LIKE them

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